Tips to select the correct chainsaw

Chainsaws are powerful tools that need careful handling. However, they come in many different varieties and with safety features built-in. You have to choose a chainsaw according to your ability to handle it and the needs it has to fulfill.

What is a Chainsaw?
Chainsaws are powerful tools used to cut and trim trees, branches, logs, etc. Most heavy-duty chainsaws are gasoline-fueled, engine-driven machines. There are also motor-driven varieties fueled by electricity or are powered by a battery.
The chainsaw’s cutting mechanism is a powerful blade in the form of a chain that is wrapped around a metal guide bar. The engine or motor operates this chain, rotating it around the guide bar. When the chain touches wood, it cuts deep into it as the chain moves around the bar.
The power of the engine or motor and the guide bar length determine the size of wood that the device can cut. When choosing a chainsaw, consider the type and the size of wood you will be usually cutting in order to choose the right model.
One of the main dangers of working with chainsaws is the kickback. While moving around the guide bar, the chain first moves away from you, then at the corner, reverses direction, and begins moving towards you. When this happens, if you are not careful, you can experience a sudden jerk, with the bar lifting up and toward you. A kickback can also be caused by the chain encountering an obstacle while biting into the wood.

Types of chainsaws
Choose the chainsaw based on what would be its typical uses and your ability to handle this machine. Chainsaws do require good physical strength and also need the operator to be fit and alert.

Gasoline-powered chainsaws- These are very powerful machines that are the preferred choice of professionals, like those who often cut down trees, cut large logs, or do both while trying to control forest fires, etc. These are heavy-duty machines that need good body strength and a lot of experience to handle safely.

Electric chainsaws- These can be plugged into power sockets and used to cut trees or logs within a short perimeter. Less powerful than gasoline-engine chainsaws, they are still powerful enough to cut or trim trees. The power of these chainsaws is determined by the Amps, the higher the number, the higher the capacity of the device to cut wood.

Battery-powered cordless chainsaws- The battery-powered cordless chainsaws are much more portable than electric chainsaws, as they don’t need to be plugged into a power source. These chainsaws are generally the least powerful of the three types, i.e., gasoline, electric,  and battery. They are ideal for beginners, and they can be efficient machines for trimming and pruning jobs. They make ideal chainsaws for homeowners.

How to select a chainsaw?
Select a chainsaw according to the bar size. If you usually need to cut large hardwood trees or huge logs, choose gasoline-powered chainsaws with large guide bars. For cutting firewood near your home, you can use electric chainsaws with long cords if a power outlet is within reach. For small jobs like trimming trees, cutting off branches, etc., a good battery-powered chainsaw might be adequate.
For large-scale log-cutting requirements, you can use a portable sawmill. Portable sawmills are automated sawmills that you can transport to wherever there is a need to cut a large amount of wood. Unlike in regular sawmill operations, you take the mill to the wood rather than transporting the wood to the mill.
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