Tips to ensure that you get the best shave

It is not just enough that you find the best products online or source from stores, to get that perfect flawless shave. Products can only do so much, but if your technique itself is flawed, even the best shaving creams and foams can’t come to your rescue.

Here are essential tips and tricks to ensure your shaving experience be pleasant and nick free:

Finding the right shaving blades for men: The most important accessory in your shaving kit, the ultimate blade. Be it a straight razor or safety razor, 5 blades or 3 blades, finding the right type of shaving blade makes all the difference, with proper technique applied of course.

Prepping the skin pre-shave: this might sound odd but you will get better results if you can prepare your skin before in order to ensure a smooth and cuts free shave. Dry skin on which shaving products applied will not have the desired surface to run the blades on and hence you end up with cuts and nicks all over your face. Pre-shave prep creams and products are available in the market and are just as important as using aftershave.

Water temperature: Using scalding hot water or water which is too warm for your skin can also cause you pain and discomfort. No doubt hot water is more hygienic and soothing to use, but this can also cause inflammation of the skin after running your blades once. Lukewarm water preferably with a nice antiseptic, followed by a cold compress which can be used to soothe any inflammation after shaving is the way to go.

Check the blade quality: One of the reasons why you are not getting your desired shave might be due to the quality of the blade you are using. Dull blades or worn out blades will not shave as effectively as new blades which are a clear indicator that your blades might need replacing. If you are using a straight razor, the blade can be replaced very easily and for a fraction of the price. This is applicable for safety razors also, but in the case of a 5 blade or 3 blade razors, the cost might be a bit more.

Pressure and direction: How much pressure you apply and in which direction is very important. Too much pressure and you run the risk of many nicks and cuts, too little pressure and the shave will not be effective.

You can always find out more about the types of shaving blades for men online and how to use them effectively.