Tips to choose Timberland boots

The Timberland company is one of the leading manufacturers of American footwear since 1952. They have been in the business of rolling out some of the best and high-quality footwear that aligns with the current fashion trends, so much so that their boots never go out of style. In the recent years, Timberland boots have been bringing back some of the classic touches favored by many. Despite their adaptation to technology, the Timberland boots are manufactured with attention to detail in a manual process and they, in fact, detail their shoes using shoe artisans. Timberland ensures that each of the boot that leaves their factory is checked manually by their craftsmen for any defects and even do their leather cutting by hand. Their pride lies in this very fact that comfort is 100% ensures for its customers and provide some of the best waterproof leather boots to weather any season. They even have an eco-friendly organization that ensures environmental protection.

When you go hunting in the woods or deep forest zones, you need the perfect pair of Timberland boots to tread comfortably. Hence, the main factors that Timberland believes you should ensure when picking a boot are the fit, the comfort, waterproofing, breathability, etc. Some of the key check-list items that you should consciously remember when picking the right Timberland boot explained below.

Get the right size
This is very important and one of the most basic factors that you should consider when you buy any boot. Timberland’s boot sizes for men range from size 6 to size 18 to ensure that everyone has the size and shape they are looking for.

Shape matters
Most people presume that size will complement the shape of a boot, but the bitter reality is that both these elements are actually different. Timberland boots are designed for different purposes such as hiking, hunting, trekking, etc. If you are looking for a boot that will stay sturdy for all terrains then you should pick the Timberland Waterproof Field Boots, or if you want a Timberland boot that is designed with a tough sole and ankle support then pick the Leather Euro Hiker Boots.

You also can pick a wide array of colors on your Timberland boots apart from the classic black and brown shades of leather. Some of the other prominent colors offered by Timberland are red-brown, copper, dark grey, khaki, dark blue, etc.