Tips to choose the right type of contact lenses

Over thirty million citizens wear contact lenses in the U.S because it helps people to get rid of glasses and receive better eye care. Due to this, the use of these lenses continues to increase. There is a wide range of contact lenses to choose from, and the new ones can be used with great ease. There are numerous options available in lenses that includes soft, hard or average lenses. Contact lenses are also ideal for various lifestyles so you can select the right lenses for your situation. It is useful to check the lenses types before making any decision. The best contact lenses bring you the desired comfort and other benefits.

Choices in lenses

  • Disposable soft
    These soft contacts lenses are designed to be worn for around 30 days. The usage of these lenses is entirely based on the materials used to design the lens. These lenses have more water content and are designed by using more flexible and thinner materials. The one-day lenses are disposed after every use, but the long-term lenses should be disinfected and cleaned after every removal. The disposable lenses are commonly used for extended wear or for daily use based on your purpose and brand. Contact lenses never last forever. Every contact lens brand comes with replacement schedule according to the capability of the lens to shed, the lens shed proteins and transmit oxygen from a surface. Many lenses in the US are either 2 week or 30 day or everyday disposable lenses.
  • Daily wear
    They are used to wear for a complete day, commonly for those over 18 years. These lenses are designed to be very comfortable for a certain period of time. Contact lenses are disposable or reusable after multiple uses.
  • Extended wear
    The extended wears contact lenses can be used throughout the day. The modern technologies include breathable plastics in these lenses to prevent debris and dirt from gathering under your lens. The best contact lenses allow you to achieve safe results while wearing the lenses.
  • Spherical contacts
    These contact lenses are plain lenses which are used for treating presbyopia, myopia, and hyperopia.
  • Toric contacts
    These are the cylindrical lenses which rely on both the lid interaction and gravity for rotating to a right angle for correcting the damage in your cornea which causes astigmatism.

Color difference in the lenses
Many people want to mimic the look of their green or blue eyes, so they look for the best solution. Using colored lenses is an appropriate way of attaining the desired look.

  • Opaque contacts
    These lenses are painted by using the solid color around both the clear center and iris. It is created to alter the entire color of dark eyes. It does not show the original color of your eye once you wear these opaque contacts.
  • Enhancers
    They are also called medium tints. These lenses are used for enhancing the natural color of the eye. They are designed for people with pale eyes.
  • Visibility tinted
    These kinds of lenses come with slight colored tint. Unlike enhancers and lenses, it does not mask or change the eye color. Instead, they are worn to make the lens visible in the lens case.

Tips to choose the right lenses

If you want to wear contact lenses, you need to consider some important things before selecting any lens. There are disposables, extended wears, and lenses which can alter the eye color. The following tips will aid you in selecting the right lens quickly.

  • Learn about various soft lenses.
  • Consider the duration of the lens.
  • Check the options in lenses.
  • Choose the suitable colored lens based on the natural color of your eye.

These are the most significant considerations that help you to pick the suitable lenses for your wearing needs.