Tips to choose the right calcium supplements

Since childhood, the importance of a balanced and healthy diet was emphasized, and it’s only when the process of aging sets in do we realize we should have eaten the broccoli. A balanced diet contains all the nutrients the body needs to function appropriately. However, when our food doesn’t provide the required nutrients, we opt for supplements. One of the most common supplements consumed are the calcium supplements.

Calcium plays important role in optimal bone health, although diet is one of the best ways to get enough calcium. People who are keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle opt for calcium supplements. However, before using them, it is essential to understand how much calcium you really need. At the same time, it is really important to know the pros and cons of the supplement. In addition to this, you must consider which type of supplement to choose that will suit your daily routine.

Importance of calcium
Usually, our body needs enough calcium to build as well as maintain strong bones. Our heart, nerves, as well as muscles, also need calcium for proper functioning. Most studies recommend people to take calcium along with vitamin D because it helps in protecting against cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes.


  • Strengthens bones
  • Prevents kidney stones
  • Promotes dental care
  • Reduces premenstrual depression
  • Prevents colon cancer

When it comes to choosing the best calcium supplements for your daily use, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Purity and quality of supplement:
    You should ensure that the supplement meets the purity and quality standards. Of course, this information is available on the label of the product. In case you do not find it, avoid purchasing calcium supplements from that company. To choose the best calcium supplements, it is really important to go through the label to understand its ingredients. Remember to check the product label to identify the level of actual elemental calcium ratio or composition in a tablet.
  • Type:
    Prefer the supplement that dissolves fast. If any of the supplements take more than 30 to 40 minutes to dissolve, then it will probably not dissolve in the stomach. In other words, it may not be absorbed in the body. Choosing liquid supplements is a good idea. You can also go for the chewable forms because these supplements will dissolve easily.
    Normally, our body has the ability to absorb the calcium. There are different varieties of calcium supplements available in the market today. These are better absorbed when taken in the right amount, and the recommended dosage level is 500 mg or less at mealtimes. Calcium supplements are recommended for individuals who have bone-related problems and people with low stomach acid. Overall, taking the best calcium supplements is good for people with inflammatory bowel disease and absorption disorders.
  • Trusted brand:
    You must opt for familiar as well as renowned supplement brands because it provides more confidence. Also, a renowned brand builds trust in the product. So, it can be the best option for people who decide to use calcium supplements. Taking some of the best calcium supplements helps you from keeping common age-related bone density loss and fractures at bay. Also, it helps in overcoming other calcium deficiency conditions.
    Dietary calcium is really safe. In general, excessive calcium doesn’t allow you to get extra bone protection. If you take calcium supplements, you must check the level of the same. You may be getting excess calcium, more than what you need. Always monitor the calcium intake level and try to avoid exceeding the recommended limit. Do consult with your doctor if you are taking calcium supplements.

These are some of the factors you must keep in mind while choosing calcium supplements. For more details, you must go through the online reviews to find the best products.