Tips to choose the right bathing products for your baby

What you want are products such as baby shampoo & body wash to bathe your baby, which would be safe for its delicate skin. Products, which will not irritate your baby’s skin and help you protect and nurture it.

We will help you decide with these easy to follow tips how to choose the right bathing products for your infant.

The golden rule: Stick to products which are specifically made for babies.

Products designed for adults could damage your baby’s skin as their skin is delicate and prone to dryness. Baby products also use mild cleansers, which protect the natural balance of your baby’s skin.

Choose a skin care product for your baby, such as baby shampoo & body wash, which have lower levels of fragrance and does not contain soap or alcohol as they can irritate the skin.

Check the label: You need to make sure that the product is mild and specially made for babies. All products for children under three years need to have the safety assessment certification for that age group. Understand the terms that are commonly used to make the right choice.

  • pH balance: The phrases “pH neutral” or “pH balanced” reflect that the product such as a baby shampoo & body wash is neither acidic nor alkaline.
    • If the product shows a pH ranging from between 1-6, it is acidic.
    • If the product shows a pH ranging from between 8-14, it is alkaline.
    • Any product with a pH7 label is neutral.

Choose a product labeled pH neutral. If your baby’s skin is healthy and is not becoming dry or flaky, a pH neutral product should suit it.

Avoid soap bars or bubble baths, which are more alkaline and can irritate your baby’s skin.

  • Antibacterial or antimicrobial: Do not use such products unless your baby is suffering from some skin problems and the doctor specifically prescribes such a baby shampoo & body wash. Any mild, liquid baby cleansers and alcohol-free wipes, are perfect to keep your baby clean.
  • Make sure it says alcohol-free: Alcohol is commonly used in most adult skin care products. But alcohol can quickly dry out the skin of your baby and become an irritant. Avoid all products, which have ethanol or ethyl alcohol as one of its ingredients.
  • Fragrance-free: Baby products such as baby shampoo & body wash usually have very mild fragrance. Most products having a neutral pH have no fragrance as adding perfume to the mixture can imbalance the pH levels and make them acidic or alkaline. If your baby suffers from dry skin or eczema-like conditions, then you should avoid all types of perfumed products. All fragrances, including natural essential oils or plant extracts, are common irritants.
  • Check expiry dates: You do not want to risk the health of your child by using a product that has passed its sell-by date. Even if the baby shampoo & body wash suits your baby’s skin, after the date of expiry it may be dangerous for use.

For any product that you choose, you can get an expert recommendation from a doctor. It is also advisable to do a path test for products such as baby lotions or moisturizers to make sure that it is safe for your baby.

While using any new product if you see any rash or flaking, immediately stop using the product as it is a sure sign of a skin irritant.

Always choose a fragrance-free, alcohol-free, soap-free wash, cream or lotion which will keep your baby’s skin barrier healthy and prevent dry, flaky skin.