Tips to choose the healthiest probiotic yogurt for your needs

Many individuals have turned to probiotic yogurt, owing to the health benefits it offers. However, with so many probiotic yogurt available in the market today,narrowing down on the healthiest ones becomes hard for the buyer. Here is a simple guide that will help you choose the best probiotic yogurts for your needs.

Read the label carefully
It is extremely important that you read the label, especially the panel that reads Nutrition Facts, before buying a probiotic yogurt. A look at this panel will let you know the nutritional value of the yogurt as well as the measure of the ingredients in it. It will then become easier for you to choose the right product to supplement your health needs.

Check for calcium content
There is no doubt that yogurt contains calcium. However, the amount of calcium present in it may vary between brands and yogurt types. In the case of probiotic yogurt, it is wise to choose a type that has at least 15% or more of calcium (daily value). Probiotic yogurt containing anywhere between 15% and 35% of calcium is considered healthy.

Check for sugar content
Many yogurt brands have added sugar in them, which will combine with the naturally occurring lactose to spike up your blood glucose levels. Don’t be fooled by the number of grams of sugar listed on the label, as this figure will include both the lactose and the added sugars. Your best bet, in this case, is to opt for sugar-free probiotic yogurt or one that derives its sweetness from natural fruits added to it. If you see sugar in the first two ingredients in the list, avoid the product.

Check for fruit content
Many probiotic yogurt brands come with fruits added to them. Ensure that the yogurt you choose has natural fruits added to it, as some products can contain food coloring and sugar. If you are wary of the presence or absence of fruit in your probiotic yogurt, opt for plain yogurt. You can then simply choose to add your choice of fresh fruit to it for an enriched flavor.

Check the fat content
Probiotic yogurt can be made from low fat or whole fat. There are fat-free versions of probiotic yogurt as well. To zero in on the best probiotic yogurts, you will need to choose ones that are either low in fat or fat-free. Be forewarned though that fat-free yogurt can contain added sugars as well. So check the label carefully before buying them.

Check for probiotic content
Yogurt usually contains some amount of healthy bacteria in it. Probiotic yogurt, however, will have added probiotic bacteria for additional health benefits. In this case, you will need to choose yogurt that contains probiotic bacteria, as some brands may contain bacteria that are not probiotic. Also, ensure you choose the yogurt that has been produced recently, as bacteria tends to die over a period.