Tips to choose lift chairs for the elderly

Difficulty in moving around the house or commuting is common in old age. If the elderly at your place are facing problems in climbing up or getting down the stairs, buying a power lift chair may be a viable choice.

Benefits of a power lift chair for the elderly

Simple everyday tasks such as answering the door, going to the bathroom or preparing a meal may seem difficult due to pain or lack of muscle strength in old age. Power lift chairs for elderly suffering from arthritis or other issues prove to be an affordable and extremely beneficial solution. These chairs ease the difficulty or pain that results from the act of rising out of a chair or from changing the position from sitting to standing position, by gently raising the occupant to a standing position for a safe and pain-free exit. They offer all the conveniences of a recliner along with additional features.

Choosing the right model of power lift chairs for elderly

Before you buy a power lift chair any senior member of your family, you need to check the following factors:

Number of positions
Most commonly, the lift chairs are selected on the basis of the number of positions their motors are configured to provide. They can be either a two-position chair or a three-position chair.

An infinite-position chair comes with a dual motor design, which allows the footrest to operate independently of the seat. High-end infinite position lift chairs offer options for heat and massage, full sleeping position and more.

Lift chairs are and always will be a safety aid for mobility-challenged individuals. However, you need to picture them in your home. Many manufacturers who specialize in lift chairs offer varied designs, colors and looks to users for different pricing. Often people go for La Z Boy lift chairs to create the right ambiance.

Fabrics that are softer, more durable or more stain-resistant than others make an excellent choice for a desirable lift chair. If the user is likely to use the chair for prolonged durations, the fabric of the chair needs to be breathable. Look for fabrics beyond the usual vinyl, leather, and suede. A stain and temperature fluctuation-resistant fabric are good for lift chairs that are used on a daily basis.

Decision process: Tips to choose a lift chair for the elderly
With the wide variety of colors, features, and designs of lift chairs available in the market, a newbie customer can find it confusing to select the right lift chair for an elderly. The best approach is to begin with specific needs of the elderly user.

  • Take into consideration the weight of the user. Normal lift chairs can hold up to 300 pounds, while ones with specialized motors are capable of holding excess weights.
  • Make a note of the height of the user to make an estimate of the distance that the chair needs to lift off of the ground to facilitate a safe and pain-free exit.
  • Consider the expected amount of time they will be spending in the chair.
  • The ways in which the lift chair is supposed to be used are also crucial factors in determining which piece is best suited for the intended user. In case the user is expected to do usual chores, watch TV and read books, then even a two-position chair can suffice. If you are looking for a chair that is fit for performing more functions than listed above, a three position chair can be deemed a fit choice.
  • If the user is likely to use the chair for prolonged periods of time and needs to include therapeutic practices, the infinite position lift chair is the best option available due to their all-around recline capacity and a separate motor operated leg rest.