Tips for booking cheap flight tickets

Prices for flight tickets hold a lion’s share of the total cost of any trip, which means finding a good deal is important for a great travel experience while also saving money.
Airlines offer great deals on flight tickets every day. This could either be a result of promotion deals or to gain an advantage over their competitors. In simple words, cheap tickets are available if you keep an eye out for them.
There are a plethora of tips that you can follow to get the cheapest flight tickets possible. Following them the right way will save you a good amount of money that you can spend on the other aspects of your travel experience. No matter where you are traveling, here are a few tips that will help you find cheap flight tickets:

Ignore the myths
The internet is full of myths about finding cheap flight tickets that lead to nothing but garnering views. You have most likely seen a lot of them yourself as well, and these myths lead customers astray. Most sources use outdated and recycled common myths. Here are the most unrealistic and common myths for buying cheap flight tickets that you should ignore:

  • Flights tickets are cheaper on Tuesdays
  • Searching for flight tickets in the incognito mode of your browser gets you cheaper deals
  • Cheap airfare is available at a specific time during the day

Be flexible with your travel date and time
Prices for flight tickets keep changing as per general demand among consumers. For example, they will be higher at the time of the year that has holidays. These holidays can include the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Another time of the year with higher airfare is August as that’s the month generally preferred by families who want to travel to Europe as it has a warm climate during that time. In addition, families also have the added advantage of the kids being on vacation from school.
The math here is simple. If you fly during times of high demand, flight tickets will be available at higher prices. Instead, it is recommended to have flexibility concerning the travel dates. If you wish to visit Paris, do so in the fall or during spring. Paris has fewer people visiting during this time of the year, which means you will get cheaper tickets.

Take advantage of student discounts
Most airlines include various discounts on flight tickets for students. The general discount on airfare for students is between 20% and 30%. Some travel agencies like Flight Centre and STA Travel can be a great help in getting cheap flight tickets through student discounts. So, remember to flash your student ID when booking to avail great discounts.

Fly budget carriers
Flying from one continent to another was an expensive affair some years ago as most airlines had traditionally high prices. However, budget airlines these days sell tickets for long-haul routes at a cheaper rate, making it easier to get cheap tickets. For example, Norwegian Airlines provides great deals on tickets to Europe and Bangkok, and AirAsia provides great offers on tickets around Asia and Australia. Other Middle Eastern and Indian airlines offer cheap tickets to Africa and the Indian subcontinent. These days, budget airlines cover most of the world with their flight routes at substantially reduced costs.

Use points and miles
Airline reward programs offer various chances to get flight tickets, upgrades, and companion tickets at a cheaper rate, and even for free sometimes. Whether you fly every week or once a year, you should sign up for airline reward programs to avail of these deals. It is better to do so with US-based airlines as they are usually part of bigger airline alliances. Even if you fly through a different airline belonging to the alliance, you get credited with miles that you can use later. For example, if you travel with Singapore Airlines, you will earn miles with United Airlines as well due to their partnership. Similarly, if you travel by Air France, you will receive points or miles in your Delta rewards account.

Book early, but not too early
The prices for flight tickets tend to keep increasing as you get closer to the date of departure. However, there is a time window where airlines either decrease or increase their prices, depending on the demand. It is advised to book your flight six to eight weeks prior to your departure. Another option is to purchase flight tickets around three months prior to the departure. This tip is applicable for when you are visiting a particular location in the peak traveling season.