Three popular rowing machines you can buy in 2018

Rowing machines boost your strength and endurance while helping you burn calories at the same time. Rowing machines feature a broad range of motions that engage your upper body and lower body, thereby giving you a full workout. It is also one of the few fitness equipment that will help you increase your stamina and endurance for sporting and athletic events. Thus, you must have this fitness equipment at your gym or home.

Here are some of the best rowing machines currently available in the market.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing machine
The Model D is one of the most popular rowing machines that you can purchase online. If you’re worried about space constraints at your home, you can pick the Model D as it is around 9 feet in length and 4 feet in width. You can also dismantle the machine into two parts, making it easy for you to store the equipment. Unlike its competitors that have a weight capacity of 300 pounds, the Model D can manage weights of up to 500 pounds. The seat is made of firm rubber and features an ergonomic design with footrests and handles that can be adjusted for a firm grip. The machine comes with a performance monitor too. It is Bluetooth and USB compatible which means that you can transfer your fitness data to a computer.

First Degree Fitness Newport AR Water Rower
One of the highlights of this machine is that it mimics the sound of rowing on water. This fitness equipment with hydraulic power can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds. Users can adjust the levels of fluid to determine the amount of resistance. The comfortable seat and grip handle are designed to prevent any strain on the arms, wrists, or your hands.

Stamina® 1215 Orbital Rower With Free Motion Arms
The Orbital Rower is ideal for tight spaces. However, it still manages to provide a full range of motion during a workout. This piece of fitness equipment features a hydraulic cylinder which mimics the effect of resistance training. With a maximum load capacity of 250 pounds, the rowing machine has adjustable foot plates and a padded cushion to provide comfortable seating. This machine is also equipped with a fitness and performance tracking monitor to record your speed, time spent, row count, distance rowed, and the total number of calories burned during your workout session.