Three important factors to consider while choosing a laptop

Anyone would be forgiven for being very confused and bewildered when it comes to picking a laptop out of the sea of laptops available in the market today. Best buys laptops deals are plenty, and many companies offer yearlong warranties and accessories along with the laptops, making the decision even more complicated. Manufacturers are now launching dozens of new models every year, so the only way to pick the best laptop is to have a fair idea of what is there available in the market. The top three things to keep in mind before buying Best buys laptops include:

Portability versus power

While large laptops come equipped with many powerful components, they often have a short battery life due to the high rate of processes that go on inside. Almost every Best buys laptops draws a line between portability and power. A fast, powerful machine needs efficient and larger components to keep running and stay cool, making it a battery drainer as compared to a smaller machine that may not be as powerful.

This compromise has become a little easier on the pocket due to the closing gap between portable computing power and battery life in the recent years. Another thing in terms of portability that matters a lot is the screen size. Ranging from 11 to 17 inches, Best buys laptops in today’s time come with varying degree of graphic cards too.

If your needs are more travel based and you will need to carry your laptop from place to place, it is better to go for a small, portable machine that can be charged at regular intervals. The dimensions and the weight itself will help narrow down the choices significantly.

On the other hand, for heavy gaming and running multiple applications means that the laptop needs to be powerful, thereby it will be a big machine.

The Operating System

Most of the operating systems available today overlap many of each other’s capabilities. Before defaulting to the more familiar operating system, which is a good idea in itself, one can consider the prime differences between a Windows OS and the macOS. The Windows 10 system by Microsoft is still working as a unified operating system for tablets and laptops, meaning that this OS will be available on a range of machines including detachable screens, clip on keyboards etc.

Apple is very device focused, and most Apple softwares work properly only on Apple devices, meaning that they are not very compatible with anything non-Apple. Windows on the other hand is much more compatible, but the malware issues are greater – Apple is a lot safer that way.


The generation listed for the processor is the main thing to focus on, as most machines get updated within a span of months. There are very many specifications for each machine you look at, but it is not necessary to go into the fine print. In most cases, the prices and the reputation of the brand itself shall give all the answers. Some things to look out for are the CPU capability, which is measured as per the clock speed in gigahertz.

The ‘cores’ also refer to the speed and efficiency of the CPU. New generation cores mean less battery draining systems that are a lot faster than the previous generations. The RAM is also another important specification that controls the speed and efficiency with which a laptop handles multiple tasks in a given time. Apart from this, retina display, touch screen, graphic card and the quality of the GPU also matter.

These three aspects of Best buys laptops greatly narrow down the choices available to you, keeping in mind whatever budget you set for best buys laptops.