Three comfortable and stylish back-to-school sneakers for kids

Most of us are aware that a new year at school translates to getting a new pair of shoes. Nobody wants to wear an old, worn-out pair of shoes on their first day at school, especially if they have switched schools or cities. New shoes are not only about style and freshness, but also about comfort; and, as a parent, this is your primary concern. Kids spend a large part of their day wearing the same pair of shoes, be it at school, the playground or even when they visit a friend’s home for homework. Following are three of the most comfortable, yet stylish back-to-school shoes for kids.

Galactix by Super Heroic
The perfect back-to-school shoe for your kid, this gender-neutral sneaker is one of the best and most comprehensive packages for children. Not only does it grip the foot and provide exemplary comfort but it also has the right style and pattern. It is a slip-on shoe with a fastener for advanced grip. It comes in a box that plays a heroic theme on being opened and contains a backpack that also morphs into a cape, making it the perfect back-to-school shoe for your kid. You can check their official website to see if they offer any back-to-school sales on their shoe range.

Carter’s Light-Up Sneakers
Light-up sneakers might not be particularly popular among the grown-ups, but they are still a hit among kids. Carter’s Light-Up Sneakers are tailor-made for comfort, with lights adding to their style quotient. They are slip-on shoes and have a hook-and-loop (Velcro) fastener. Along with this, they are also extremely comfortable and affordable. They cost about $14 on the official Carter’s website.

New Balance 574
If budget is not your primary concern, then the 574 range by New Balance should be your final pick. Along with being extremely comfortable and providing a good grip for your kid’s foot, they have a long shelf life and could last for 2-3 years (if maintained well). This shoe is an all-rounder with a slightly old-school look and multi-purpose sole. These shoes provide ample support on the football field as well as on the monkey bars in playgrounds. Your kids could be extremely attracted to a glow-in-the-dark version of these shoes.