This is why your house needs stylish Wine Racks

The main purpose of a wine rack is to store wine bottles at a proper angle to ensure that the cork remains covered in wine and doesn’t dry out. A dry cork affects the oxygen balance in the wine bottle which not only affects the aging process of the wine but also spoils its quality. The slight angle to of a wine rack ensures that the cork remains solid as well as saturated.

Different styles of Wine Racks:

The following are the four types of wine racks:

  • Modern Wine Racks Having a bold design and contemporary look, modern wine racks are available in different shapes, unique color palate and in some beautiful materials. Not for the vintage lovers, modern wine racks are best suited for people having an artistic outlook as these racks act as a focal point in any room and create a bold statement.
  • Traditional Wine Racks Quite simplistic in nature and look, traditional wine racks are more subdued and have antique style. Such wine racks help in conveying a sense of elegance along with sophistication.
  • Antique Wine Racks Boasting of artistry and craftsmanship, antique wine racks are the most loved because of the detailing and the ornate designs that make them stand out. They are also loved for their durability along with the workmanship and the aesthetic beauty it adds to the room.
  • Novelty Wine Racks Quite similar to the modern wine racks regarding design and style, novelty wine racks are loved for the visual appeal they lend to the surrounding. Usually seen most in single bottle designs, these wine racks help to showcase individual interests and also match specific dcor themes.

Different types of Wine Racks:

  • Single Bottle Now these might not be considered as racks, most of the novelty wine rack designs are single bottle styles. Single bottle holders are normally used at the dinner table as t helps to hold the particular bottle that is being served that moment.
  • Table Top & Counter Wine Racks – Similar in design, table top & counter wine racks have a few differences as well. Table top wine racks, for instance, are more elaborate when it comes to the design part. This is because most of the times they act as the centerpiece at the dinner table. Counter top wine racks, on the other hand, blend well with its surroundings and are not ornate in design.

Stacking & Modular Wine Racks:

Best suitable for those who are looking for expanding their collection, stacking and modular wine racks can normally hold five to ten bottles and also allows the addition of extra units that can be used to house additional wine bottles.

Providing easy access to the various wine bottles, wine rack makes it possible for the owner to rotate bottles as per the needs and you can also have a look at the labels when selecting the wine for consumption.