Things you should know before buying blackout curtains

Whether you are looking for blackout curtains for a bedroom or any other place in your house, you need to consider certain factors buying blackout curtains so that their true purpose is served.

  • Curtains and drapes: There is a key difference between blackout curtains and drapes. Blackout curtains even if they are window curtains or lace curtains are single layer curtains. Drapes are, on the other hand, thicker in appearance and are multi-layered curtains. They do not allow much light to pass through them
  • Protecting the home: Blackout curtains, whether they are window curtains or lace curtains, help in reducing energy costs as they cut the sunlight and UV rays which enter the room. The furniture and floor are also protected from sun damage if window curtains or lace curtains are used.
  • Spaces to use blackout curtains: These curtains can be used in areas where maximum penetration of light occurs. In conditions where limited exposure to light is needed, the window curtains and lace curtains can prove to be more useful than plain drapes.
  • Cost of blackout curtains: Although it is true that blackout curtains are more costly in comparison to other curtains, these curtains prove to be cost-effective as they prevent premature aging of the furniture and other home furnishing material.
  • Diverse range: Window curtains and lace curtains come in a range of design and colors. These curtains match the color combination of your home and hence, they are becoming more popular. However, in certain conditions, the light version of curtains does not work, and you might have to rely on darker shades of blackout curtains.

Turning your existing curtains into blackout ones
The existing window curtains and lace curtains can also be converted into standard curtains. Blackout liners can be added which give a cool and refined look to the home and make the room look good with blackout curtains.

Installation tips
A couple of inches beyond the window frame should be measured for installing such curtains. Wraparound rods can be used to block the excess light; the room will, therefore, turn into your most favored room where you can rest and relax.