Things you should know about synthetic oil change and coupons

Synthetic oil change is an essential part of vehicle maintenance that extends not only the efficiency of the engine but also the lifespan of your vehicle. It is therefore essential to follow the recommended maintenance schedule, as mentioned in your owner’s manual, to ensure all the parts are well lubricated, thus preventing corrosion and dust from affecting the performance of your engine. This article will throw light on the importance of synthetic oil and show how you can save some cash by using synthetic oil change coupons that are easily available online.

Benefits of using synthetic oil

To begin with, the synthetic blend is a formulation of synthetic and conventional motor oils. They are thinner and are great to ensure the extended lifespan of both your engine and your vehicle. In the modern era, more and more engines are designed to work well when synthetic oil is used. Not only does it provides protection but also ensure a high performance of your vehicle. Not using synthetic oil damages your vehicle and has a bad effect on your new-vehicle warranty.

Another advantage of opting for the synthetic oil change is that it offers better performance and protection, it means that your car will not start screeching soon. Also, synthetic oil is designed to work even in extreme temperatures and ensures that the engine doesn’t wear off easily. Synthetic oil is also beneficial for those living in the cities as it’s more durable and doesn’t put too much pressure on the engine during traffic jams or grinding.

Why use synthetic oil change coupons?

On an average, getting your vehicle’s engine oil and filter change can cost you somewhere around 20$ to 40$. This price is not only the oil price but also includes labor charges, supplies used, disposing of the liquid, etc. This price is for a conventional oil change. Synthetic oil change usually costs somewhere between 40$ to 70$ depending on the type of filter that is required. Synthetic oil change coupons are an excellent deal for those who are looking to save money while getting their oil changes. Several companies update their websites with current ongoing synthetic oil change coupons and other great deals that can help you save some extra cash.

You can also shop at retail chains like Midas, Jiffy Lube, Walmart, etc. as these offer some great synthetic oil change coupons and discounts on their services. It is always better to opt for the synthetic oil change as it is designed to handle and manage the tougher environment, temperature and ensures a smooth drive under any climatic condition.

Here is a list of ongoing current list of coupons including synthetic oil change coupons and other discounts offered by automotive companies in the U.S.

  • Big O Tires –full-service filter and oil change ($19.99 )
  • Express Oil –Express full-service ($7 off)
  • EZ Lube–full-service change ($10 off)
  • Firestone–synthetic oil change ($19.99)
  • Goodyear – $24.95 Conventional, $39.95 Synthetic Blend, $59.95 Full Synthetic & several auto maintenance service offers
  • Grease Monkey –synthetic oil change coupon ($10 off)
  • Jiffy Lube– $5 off Jiffy Lube Signature Service (typically costs around $25-$30)
  • Meineke – $24.95 basic change, $34.95 preferred, $54.95 supreme and more
  • Merchant’s Tire –brakes check, battery check, fluid top off and tire rotation with up to 6 quarts (All inclusive at $19.99)
  • NTB–basic Services including battery check, tire rotation, brakes check and belts check with up to 6 quarts ($19.99)
  • Pennzoil – $5 and $10 off Pennzoil 14 point full-service
  • Pep Boys–conventional ($24.99), synthetic oil change coupon ($10 off), etc.