Things you need to know about the Big Green Egg Grill

Grilling food items as a social activity really bonds families and friends over food. This is why the invention of the modern grill with its versatility in sizes and shapes has carved out a niche for itself. If you’re a part of that niche, there’s no reason to introduce you to the Big Green Egg grill. It has become nothing short of a cult phenomenon, and for reasons that go beyond its shape.

If you’re not familiar with the Big Green Egg grill, then you must be understandably confused about why everyone is obsessing over what seems to be a massive egg? Well, here’s a lowdown on what the craze is all about.

The Big Green Egg grill
With the smallest of the Big Green Egg grills, the mini, retailing at about $550, the question which gets raised a lot is for its price and value for money.

The first thing you should know about the Big Green Egg grill is that it isn’t what you think a grill is. This product isn’t trying to replace your gas grill or even your charcoal grill, and in fact shares very little in common with both of them. Its unique shape offers a completely different style of cooking altogether.

What makes the Big Green Egg grill different?
The egg shape allows the lower half to be filled with hardwood coal to its maximum capacity and the ceramic body traps heat- and voila! You have yourself an oven of sorts. The dampers give you complete control over the temperature.

This means that the grill can be used for both instant and long cooking at even temperatures and run huge fires for grilling all the steaks and pizzas you possibly can. At the lower temperatures, the grill can go on for up to 6 hours with almost no top-up on coal or any adjustments. At the higher temperature end, you can reach up to 850°F, making the egg as good as a dream chef’s grill.

The Big Green Egg grill comes in 7 different sizes with prices ranging from $550 to $4000. Though it is a little pricier, if you’re someone who enjoys their charcoal pizzas and likes to grill meat on a regular basis, then this unusual product is an investment worth the price.