Things you must know about Medicare part D plan

The Part D Medicare plan with its host of benefits is something you cannot afford to miss. You may not be taking prescription drugs or you may be covered by another medical plan. But this is one of the best Medicare plans that you could invest in.

But I Already Have a Medicare Plan, Why Should I Change?
You may ask what the use of comparing Medicare plans is when you are already covered by a plan that suits you. Part D Medicare plans have altered other plans’ benefits and costs. Changes may include deductibles, premiums, co-pays, inclusion and exclusion of drugs. By comparing, you will develop a clear picture of what you still are entitled to and what has changed.

It is natural to ask why you should opt for the Medicare plan when you don’t even consume any prescription drugs. It is because the Medicare part D is one of the top 5 Medicare plans and works similar to insurance. Like any other insurance, it saves you from paying high drug costs when the need arises in future. Thus, at a minimal cost, you get coverage against the rise in drug costs through the Medicare part D plan.

Who is Eligible For The Medicare Part D Plan?
Any individual who is enrolled with part A or part B is eligible to receive drug coverage, referred to as part D plan. There are no guidelines on the yearly income of the individual and no physical tests are required. No individual is denied this Medicare plan on the basis of their existing health condition or use of too many prescription drugs.

It is up to you whether you want to enroll in part D. If you are already covered by any of the top 5 Medicare plans, then may be no need to sign up. But if you are not covered by a Medicare plan, then you must sign up without any further delay. Otherwise, you risk incurring penalties and time delays waiting for open enrollment at the end of the year.

How Do I Choose The Best Part D Medicare Plans?
Even though you may already be covered by part D, comparing different Medicare plans is important. Research will help you understand what alternatives are available for the next year. You need to ensure that you keep receiving the best deal to protect your health.

You will know about the different Medicare plans through the promotions in your area. You will have to compare the different Medicare plans based on the drugs you take. It is the specific medications which determine what you will have to spend from your pocket. The most effective way of comparing, is using the provided online tools.