Things to know about recruiting software

To put recruiting software in context, it will be necessary to know the modern recruitment process. Most modern recruiting processes are based on a scientific basis and data rather than the impression of the recruiting persons. Hence, the process has become very structured and it utilizes the tools of information technology. The degree of sophistication required is the enterprise’s choice and there is software to suit the varied requirements. The modern recruitment process involves well-defined steps and some of the advanced software are designed to do these and have linkages with some of the best job sites and social media sites.

The first step is to build the user’s brand to attract the most talented candidates. One needs a very engaging and impressive landing page that is mobile friendly. There are highly advanced software which have intuitive tools for this. The custom Application Programming Interface (API) updates the external career pages or sets up a branded, hosted site. This advertises the job on multiple free and premium job sites. The software does this with a single submission. The software’s job board syndication network includes some of the most famous sites. Social media becoming what it is today, the software uses it to attract talented people who probably know and hold the company in some esteem and wish to join. The software affords to do so from some of the most popular media sites. In an advanced software, a tool called People Search enables the user to search 400 million online profiles in real time and integrates the data into the unified candidate profile.

Referral Program in one of the advanced software in combination with the employee network allows the user to enter one name and all the candidates with the same name will be searched in multiple online sites and listed out with their skills, resume, email IDs and other contact details.

Tools are available to streamline the interviews. It enables the HR to see the shortlisted candidates and their profiles for each post advertised. Other functions like scheduling for multiple interviews are done automatically. The software tracks the progress of each candidate through phone interviews, personal interviews with multiple members of the recruiting team. Similarly, scorecards and evaluation reports are also compiled and posted to all of the team. A recruiting report is made highlighting the bottlenecks and deficiencies to improve the process based on data.