Things to know about bedding

A person sleeps an average of 8 hours in a day, as a result we spend 1/3rd of our lifetime in bed, which is a considerable amount of time. Sleep is an important part of our life-cycle. Once bought we use the same bed for at least a decade. Having an uncomfortable bed that is rather rattling and has low quality springs and stuffed mattress can hurt your back with prolonged use. So it is advisable to consider some key points before buying a new bed.

How good is the mattress
Analyze the mattress in terms of its physicality, is it too soft? so much that you tend to get ‘buried’ in your own bed every time you lie down on it. Or is too rigid? That it hurt your joints and back? An ideal mattress should be able to mold itself according to the shape of spine and your sleeping posture.

Size matters
At least for beds, it does. Remember this thumb rule that the length of the bed should be 10-15cms more than your length. Also, take into consideration the room area where you are going to put the bed. Placing a king size bed in a small bedroom will only make it look congested. So do measure your room dimensions before heading out to buy a new bed.

Consider buying the whole lot
Buying pillows, duvets etc. separately for your bed can be a very tiring process as you have to mix and match everything from the beginning. Bed in a bag sets is an innovative concept that is prevalent in the room furnishing market can save your time by buying everything at once. Bed in a bag offers a complete ensemble. Pillow, throw pillows, duvets, comforters, and everything that you need to get you a comfortable sleep after a tiring day. Before buying a bed in a bag ensemble, do make a quick check on the quality of the contents, as the products being offered in the ensemble can be low quality.

Before buying a new bed go through every size and every design of the bed that is available in the market. Visit as many stores as you can and look for which stores are offering the beds of your choice at reasonable. You can visit many websites online that offer a wide range of beds based on their size, design, quality and price and compare what best suits your room and your budget.

A pro tip, avoid going out to buy beds when you are exhausted. Because when you are exhausted any bed feels comfortable.