Things to consider while going microwave shopping

Whether it’s defrosting, heating, baking, or even cooking, a microwave is an essential kitchen appliance that most of us are unable to do without. According to a census conducted by Energy Information Administration (EIA), a whopping 96 percent of American homes have microwaves. Now that’s huge number, isn’t it?

However, one thing that’s important for you to know is that not every American home has the same kind of microwave. While countertop microwaves were yesteryears trend, today technology has brought about a gamut of innovation in the microwave arena.Due to technological advancements, today, apart from counter top microwaves there is a range of other microwaves that exist in the market. A few of these are-Over range microwaves, Built-in microwaves and Drawer style microwaves.To make the best of it, selecting a microwave that specifically suits your needs and fits your budget would be a good idea.

Here are few key features of the different microwaves available today that you must know about:

  • Countertop Microwaves

The lowest in the price bracket, these microwaves can range anywhere from USD 70 to USD 650, depending on the size. However, the only con to this model is that it ends up taking too much of your kitchen counter space.

  • Over range microwaves

Very often referred to as OTRs, over range microwaves are generally installed above your cooktop. And owing to its hood ventilation, it hits two birds with one stone, i.e., it acts as a microwave as well as vents out smoke, steam, and odor from your kitchen. The over range microwaves are great space savers, which is a blessing for the compact kitchens. The price of over range microwaves may vary anywhere from USD 170 to USD 1,300.

  • Built-in microwaves

A built-in microwave fits into your kitchen cabinets and comes with a drop-down door, like a conventional oven. This is another great option in case space is a constraint in your kitchen. The price of these microwaves start from about USD 350 and go up to USD 1,500.

  • Drawer style microwaves

These microwaves are installed below a countertop or a wall oven and slide out like a drawer, which is why the name. They also come with a child lock feature, that’ll make sure the kids can’t mess around with this one. Drawer style microwaves range anywhere from USD 700 to USD 2,000.

To make your microwave experience even more user-friendly, a few features to look for while investing in one are:

  • Turntables

Be it over range microwaves, countertop microwaves, or drawer style ones; a turntable is an essential feature you need to look for. Therefore, make sure the microwave you’re buying has an apt enough turntable size to ensure that your food is heated evenly.

  • Racks

A microwave with a rack ensures that you have access to more than one layer, thus enabling you to cook multiple things at the same time and saving you some more time than it already does.

  • Convection, cooking, and grilling

While most microwaves generally come endowed with a heating feature, do make sure the microwave you invest in has a convection, cooking as well as grilling feature, so that you can do a lot more with this appliance.

  • Child lock keys

Any parent would vouch for the importance of this. A child lock feature ensures that your child won’t be able to do much with the microwave once the lock is active.

  • Common task keys

This feature makes life a whole lot easier. With keys ranging from time extension to defrosting to auto-cooking, all you need to do is just press a few smart keys, and you’re good to go. Most microwaves also come with shortcut keys that make cooking foods like popcorn, steamed vegetables, bakes, etc. easier.

So, what is your favorite microwave among the above listed?