Things to consider before applying for senior cell phone plans

Mobile phones are a must-have for every individual. As there are a number of cellphone plans that provide high-speed data and calling deals, but these plans aren’t really useful for senior citizens who don’t want to pay or need any of these add-on benefits. Hence, there are a few special senior citizen cell phone plans, which are typically prepaid and have lesser calling minutes as compared to any other standard plans.

The senior mobile phone plans are specially made to cater to the specific requirements of the senior citizens. These plans are crafted by cell phone companies and also offer different types of discount on the same. There are a few senior cell phone plans that provide cell phones with discounted rates as well. Some of the popular types of senior cell phone plans are contract or no contract, shared or family cell phone plans for seniors, discount or free cell phones for seniors, to name a few.

Pay as you go phone plans for seniors: With a number of cell phone plans for seniors, it becomes a tiring task to choose one. But here are a few deals that offer pay as you go senior phone plans.

T-Mobile: With a monthly charge of $3, this senior cell phone plan is a basic one and one of the cheapest too. It includes a mix of 30 phone call minutes or text messages.

AT&T GoPhone Daily: This senior cell phone plan lets you pay only for the days you use the phone. With a price rate of $2 per day of use, you can take advantage of unlimited calling minutes and text messages. In order to know more about pay as you go cell phone plans for seniors, you can simply search the internet and choose the one that suits your need.

Best senior cell phone plans for tech-savvy people

  • If you’re a senior citizen and worrying that there isn’t any specific cell phone plan designed to meet your requirements, then you consider researching a little more. In order to not payloads for cell phone plans that you don’t need, you should look at these deals to get a fair idea.
  • Republic Wireless offers a senior plan of 1GB data, unlimited calling minutes and text messages at $20 per month. This plan is one of the cheapest cell phone plans with 1GB data.
  • T-Mobile basic monthly senior phone plan is priced at $30 per month with 5GB high-speed internet, 100 calling minutes and unlimited text messages.
  • If you’re looking for best senior cell phone plans at the cheapest price, then you should first consider evaluating your monthly phone calling, texting and internet needs. This will help you choosing the plan more efficiently. Whether you are looking for smartphone plans for senior or basic calling plans, you should always compare the deals online to get the best bet. Some of the other popular carriers of senior phone plans include Virgin Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Verizon, to name a few.
  • There is no special program that offers free cell phones to senior citizens but there is a federal program called ‘lifeline’ that provides free cell phones to people who fall under low-income group. So, many senior citizens with low-income do qualify for the Lifeline program. You can check out the office website of Lifeline, and check your eligibility requirements for applying for free cell phones to seniors.