The world of Minecraft

Slated to be the second best-selling video game after Tetris, Minecraft lets players do whatever they want to do and however they want to within the structure provided by the game. Minecraft became quite popular after popular video-game Youtubers like PewDiePie and Xebaz started live-streaming their games to their hundreds of followers. Released in 2009, there has been over 121 million copies of game sold in by February 2017. The game has been released with multiple versions that allow players to play Minecraft on their personal computers, gaming consoles as well as phone with the pocket version of the game. In 2016, a virtual reality version of Minecraft was also released.

The basic goal of Minecraft is to build things using textured cubes in a three-dimensional world. You can built or breakdown things as you want. The different textures of the cubes represent different objects such as stones, tree trunks, dirt, water and so on. Using these objects, you can do your own constructions by arranging the cubes in a fixed grid pattern. Although you can undertake constructions on at fixed places, you are allowed to move around the game without any restrictions.

The game can be played in a single-player mode or in multi-player mode.Also, you can play it as a first person or as a third person. You can chose between two main characters: Steve and Alex. The game starts with the main character waking up in an unknown land and doing whatever they wish to do within the realm of the game. You can play the game on creative mode or survival mode. In the creative mode, you have access to unlimited resources to do your constructions, an ability to fly around the world of Minecraft and regenerate from any damages incurred by your character.

Minecraft is a world of it own with with its deserts, snowfields and jungles. A game spans over days and night, with each Minecraft day or night cycle equivalent to 20 minutes of real time. Apart from the player characters, a game of Minecraft throws up non player characters called as mobs. The mobs can be quite harmless players like animals or villagers. These come out during the daytime. The animal characters are hunted by players for food and construction materials. Things get pretty interesting during night time as characters such as large spiders, skeletons, and zombies begin to crawl around. These are grouped under hostile mobs. They crop up even in dark areas of the Minecraft world, and not just during nighttime.

The universe of Minecraft is fascinating and engrossing. With new additional features being added regularly, the game is becoming very popular among video-game aficionados as proven by its increasing sales..