The Vera Bradley backpack guide 101

Going to school can be fun and filled with new experiences. Getting the right backpack can simplify every student’s life. The most important thing to remember is that not all backpacks have to be bland! You can mix in a little fun too with the colors and patterns and more importantly, they can be easy to carry. A good backpacking retail brand is Vera Bradley and they offer a wide range of premium backpacks for the eternal learners. Here’s our handy guide towards selecting the right Vera Bradley backpack.

The ultimate backpack
Roomy, yet small enough for the tiny tot to carry, this little munchkin can pack in a lot of folders. The ultimate backpack is ideal for those with a small body frame and for those who want to be able to switch it into a handbag when convenient. If you ever wanted a backpack which you could turn into a nifty tote bag, get this and you won’t regret it. It comes in a colorful butterfly pattern. It is available in multiple color variants.

The tech backpack
For the tech geeks and computer science lovers out there. The tech backpack features a laptop compartment which is padded and easily accessible with two front zippered compartments. The tech backpack is suitable for those who want to carry their laptops to and from campus and also want to fit in a tablet while on the go. If your teen or kid is a wizard with tech and needs a notebook to carry along, pair him/her up with this backpack and they will be happy. Thus, making you their hero.

The campus backpack
Ideal for the growing student. The campus backpack is for those teens who are ahead of their peers in terms of maturity and need to be treated like adults. It comes with an ID compartment where they can carry all their essentials. There’s a headphone grommet available for listening to some tunes whenever they want. Finally, it has enough compartmentalization for superior organization. Never lose track of your files, folders, and books. The ever-growing backpack.

The lighten-up backpack
The best choice for college-going students. If your teen needs a backpack that can pack a wallop, this is the finest pick. This bag is made of durable, water-resistant and lightweight polyester material. It offers the ultimate protection for your notebooks and college essentials. Never fear the strike of weather again as it protects your belongings from water and hail. It features padded straps in the back and two roomy compartments. A front-zip pocket offers efficient organization for files and folders. An ID window is also included in the backpack for ease of use.