The truth about DNA ancestry tests

All of us have heard about genealogy tracking, but do you think we can really track our historical ancestors with these tests? The answer is no. Everyone around the world is in a craze to know from which historical figure they have ascended. Using this craze, many companies are doing big business with genealogy tracking by promising their customers that they will perform a DNA ancestry test, which will cost around $300.

Nothing but a possible interpretation
Some scientists around the world have raised awareness regarding these DNA ancestry tests and called them œgenetic astrology as they are entirely flawed and can never be relied upon. Companies promise to make new discoveries regarding your ancestors and your cultural roots and demand a lump amount of money for that. It is scientifically proven that the DNA that we inherit from our relatives just a few generations back are nothing compared to the huge amount of DNA that we have shared with our common ancestors. So performing these DNA ancestry tests will give us results that are just one possible interpretation among many more.

Though it may sound exciting, it is not a reliable truth

Humans, throughout history, have migrated from one place to another. Who knows whether your ancestor even lived in the same country as you are? Because of this, there may be a thousand possibilities regarding your genealogy. You can never rely on any service centers who provide these DNA ancestry tests and predict that you have ascended from an eminent historical character. It is good to hear, but may not be the truth.

The DNA for any individual is compared with the DNA of that person about whom some information regarding ethnicity is already present, and some of the aspects of the DNA are looked into.

Some of these are “
The DNA of the Y chromosome is only found in men as it ascends along the male line.
The DNA of the mitochondria is present in both males and females as it is inherited by both. There is only one ancestral lineage for an individual regarding the mitochondrial DNA.
Autosomal DNA makes about 98% of your DNA and it can be inherited from any of your ancestors. It is made up of numerous sections of DNA, and each section has its own history to tell.

The one thing that is clear from all this is that the more you go back in your generations, the more amount of DNA you will share and the DNA ancestry tests will become vaguer as you go up the ladder of your ancestors. If any DNA ancestry test concludes that your DNA has matched with a certain person belonging to a totally different community in some other part of the world, the only chance is that maybe some of your ancestors, long before, were in that community. DNA ancestry tests are accurate when you want to know your family maybe up to two to three generations, but as you go back there is a vast mix of genetic material, and the results are increasingly unreliable.