The stunning variety offered by Fossil watches

Fossil watches are some of the best known all over the world for their luxury quotient that they combine along with edgy good looks. The design vision of this brand is one that has made it one of the most popular in the fashion industry. These watches are also very affordable, which makes them a sensible choice for everyday wear as well as sportswear. These stylish timepieces are available for both men and women. Read on to know more about the different types of watches offered by the brand!

• Fossil Q Wearables: The flat-faced dial is one that characterizes this category of Fossil watches. A neat design and a clean visual impact set these watches apart and make them perfect for different kinds of outfits and occasions. The bands come in a variety of finishes with a mix and match of material as well. Some of them have leather bands, while others have a mixed base of metal and rubber too. The mint green Silicone watch in the Hybrid series of this collection is an example of the chic design and edgy style that defines these watches. These watches start from $175 USD and go up to $315 USD.

• Leather Watches: The leather watches collection is one that is classic with a rather urban edge. The Fossil brand’s values can be seen here too with sharp design and rendition of the various elements of the watches. The leather straps are created with the best craftsmanship available in the industry. The material is also sourced from the choicest of places globally. With square and rectangular dials, this collection makes space for the classic. But, it also embraces the modern thanks to the wristbands that come in a variety of hues and finishes. One of the most iconic and unique straps of the brand can be found in the crisscross dual strap watch of this collection. The bands for the ladies collection also come in feminine and nude hues for that subtle effect.

• Boyfriend Watches: Now, this is a collection that is very creative and unique. The boyfriend watches are available for women, and they come with a mix and match of various design elements. While the leather and metal straps have quirky colors and finishes, the dials erupt in an artistic manner with a play of lines, curves, and swirls. These watches are perfect for everyday use thanks to the breezy feminine charm that they exude.

• Sports Watches: These are robust combinations of functionality, great technology, and solid good looks. These watches are available for men and they come with a play of straps, dials, and other such detailing.

• Mechanical Watches: These are available for both men and women. The Fossil watches of this collection have a classic vintage flourish with a plethora of elements, like tiny dials set in brass with a cogs and wheels pattern. The designers have rendered a more luxurious feel to this line thanks to the various elements that have been used.