The Possibility of Free Lifetime Phone Calls

The country has always been a trendsetter in a lot of things and it is surprising that they would not find out a way to help its citizens minimize their telephone bills. Americans pay huge amounts of tax and they thus deserve great services from the government, e.g., free government cell phones. So, it is the duty of the government to help its citizens to save money and enlist telephone calls among the basic amenities, because, in the modern era, the telephone has become an indispensable resource.

People need telephones for all kinds of needs: calls, texts, internet, etc. Thus, making this free of cost is an indirect contribution in the education sector because the internet is the platform that has evolved as an alternative space for the spreading of education and knowledge. Free government cell phones would mean more and more people would be able to use this resource, which is a great step into the future and proof that the government cares for the welfare of the people.

Different states will have different schemes

California is the state that has always been leading from the front, and, in 2012, they worked out a successful plan toward providing people with free government cell phones. There are 10 companies that have formed ties with the government to work hand-in-hand and help the people connect with each other without shelling out a lot of money. At present, there are nine different companies in the state that provide free calls, texts, and data to the customers and there are seven others who actually do not offer unlimited service, but have a much higher upper limit of talk time and data usage limit than the world average.

While other states offer a subsidy, things are bright in California that has always been plagued with the problem of unemployment. While choosing the right service provider, you should choose the ones with government ties so that the services provided to you are totally free of cost and there are no hidden costs that you might be billed with later. In Texas, the economy is the cause of envy for other states, but it has always been troubled with unemployment, and, thus, the measure that they took (similar to California) has proved to be greatly beneficial for the people. The songs of glory and glee do not ring true for the people of Kansas, because the number of needy folks is great; thus, the government has decided to help such people with 250 minutes of free phone calls per month, which is a nice gesture.

Eligibility criteria for free government cell phones

There are certain criteria that must be fulfilled to be eligible to apply for free government cell phones, and people are readily eligible for this facility if they volunteer in one of the assistance programs that the government undertakes all through the year. Let us have a good look at these programs, the participation in which would help people be eligible for free government cell phones is as follows

-Tribal Head Start
-Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
-Tribally Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
-Veteran’s Pension and Survivor’s Benefit
-Federal Public Housing Assistance (section 8)
-Supplemental Security income

There are some others through which you can easily find in the government websites and enroll in one of these programs to be eligible for your free government cell phones.

There are also the income-based eligibility criteria for citizens that are calculated monthly and annually and depends on the number of members in the family. Have a good look at the rules that are prevalent in your state so that you can apply for your free services with confidence. If you can successfully register with these programs and are economically weak, rest assured that you will be aided by the government and acquire free government cell phones.