The main types of personalized name necklaces

We all love personalized accessories as they are truly unique and stand out from the regular ones. A major trend these days is seeing a lot of people opt for a name necklace personalized in design. If you are new to this concept, here are the main types of personalized name necklace designs to choose from.

Name necklace – personalized

Name necklace personalized accessories usually carry your name or the name of a loved one on the pendant. Here are the most popular forms of this accessory.

Name tags

A name tag is ideal for anyone seeking a discreet pendant and that can move along the chain (in case you want to remove it or swap pendants). The name tag is vertical and features the name of your choice engraved on it.

Name bar

You can get your name engraved on a bar if you want a nice frame to it. The bar could be solid or even hollow depending on your taste. This type would look good in a professional setting, so you can wear your customized jewelry without being too overt about it. This bar is different from a tag as it is horizontal and does not move on the chain.

Customized font

Many companies that make customized name necklaces let you choose the font that you like best. This means you can choose the font and the size that suits your style. The pendant with the name attaches to the chain directly on either side. A famous example is that of the ‘Carrie’ necklace worn by the character Carrie Bradshaw on the popular HBO show Sex and the City.

Couples names

If you are wondering whether to wear a name necklace with your name or your partner’s name on it, who says you need to choose? You can wear a couple’s name necklace with both names. This is a popular fashion trend among many couples. The dual name pendant does not need to be limited to couples; best friends can make use of this trend to profess their friendship for each other too.

Apart from the above options, there are many more types of name necklace personalized accessories that you can choose from, including vintage looks, textured designs, and embedded stones. You can opt for a variety of metals such as silver or gold. Do your research carefully and choose one you would proudly wear every day.