The Dump – The ultimate used furniture store

The Dump is an American store that sells furniture items from some of the prominent brands and at 45% to 70% below the market price. It is your one-stop destination for buying used products of as many as 100 luxury brands. For example, the grain leather sofa from Flex steel that is originally priced at $2500 is available for $899 on The Dump’s online site. Similarly, the queen mattress from Cool Memory Foam and Coils is provided by The Dump for $245 while its actual price is $1200.

The Dump Furniture is one of the best used furniture stores in the country that helps you save loads of dollars without having to compromise on the quality. The brand assures great value for money through its exciting furniture sales. Now, you might be wondering how this happens. The Dump has got itself associated with the leading brands and obtains the overstock items from them for sale at a lower price. Also, The Dump furniture store serves as an outlet for the sale of closeout stock in the event of liquidation of any of these brands.

Every weekend, the company receives new stock which is actually a collection of unsold stock, from top brands. Brand new showroom models and design prototypes are also received by The Dump. Since the company is supplied with these products at a lesser price, it further sells them to its customers at a reduced price. Moreover, the company has extremely low overhead costs, giving it no reason to add any exorbitant profit margin.

The Dump furniture stores are open only for three days in a week – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The company does not believe in fancy selling and keeps a pretty low profile in terms of marketing and advertising. The merchandise sold and customer base speak for The Dump as the leading used furniture store in the United States. Furniture sales take place at a really high rate even though items are purchased in bulk quantities. The bulk procurement system further attracts additional discounts.

The Dump is one of the eminent used furniture stores because it sells what it promises. Customers get a range of high quality, authentic products at the outlets of the company even though they are not presented in the most aesthetic manner. This is understandable since a well-built property will be more expensive to buy and then require more personnel to manage. Moreover, customers are concerned with buying good merchandize at a reasonable price and not how great the showroom is. The Dump gets more sales than those that remain open for all days in the week or those that boast of fancy properties.

The basic idea of The Dump furniture store is to reduce the costs in whichever way possible so as to lower down the ultimate price paid by the customer. The company has been delighting its customers across the country through its exclusive stores in Atlanta, Richmond, Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, Norfolk, Hampton, Philadelphia, Turnersville and Houston. The array of products offered by Dump furniture store include foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, leather sofas, reclining sofas, armchairs, wool rugs, silk rugs, Persian rugs and others.

Furniture sale at The Dump furniture store takes place through registration. This means that there is a little bit of suspense involved and the company does not showcase the lowest price at which you can buy. This is one condition on which The Dump works mainly because the furniture products of the supplying brands are sold at retail stores for a relatively higher price. Once you register and show your intention to buy a particular product, you will be informed about the jaw-dropping price.