Mojitos with a twist you must try

The mojito that originated in Cuba has undergone a lot of transitions and  continues to keeps pace with the changing trends. So when you go through the menu cards at different clubs or restaurants, you would come across various modified versions of the original mojito and these are definitely worth a try. This refreshing drink, even in its different versions serves the purpose it was concocted for in the first place- to cater to your love for alcohol and to appeal to your taste buds. If you are vacationing, they definitely help you beat the heat and relax. What’s best, you can have a wide variety of mojito options to choose from. Check out some of the popular types of mojitos that you can relish on a trip.

  • The dark mojito is one the finest mojitos ever made. It has rum as its main ingredient. Rum, mint leaves, brown sugar, lime juice and some club soda are what goes into the making of your dark mojito. If you are looking for a drink that you want to get drunk on, dark mojito is for you.
  • Raspberry vodka mojito is something of a recent concoction. Some fresh lime, sugar, vodka, fresh raspberries, mint leaves and soda water in the right proportions would fuse together and give you the impressive raspberry vodka mojito, that is a marvel to look at!
  • Dirty mojito is another variant of the mojito that has a fan-following of its own. You can œdirty-up your mojito with a gold rum instead of a white rum and substitute the usual white sugar with raw or demerara sugar. You can savor your œDirty Mojito before your siesta!
  • Champagne grapefruit mojito, the perfect blend of something fruity and some champagne and rum, would soon top your list of favorite drinks. Some champagne, rum, mint leaves, agave nectar and a grapefruit would give you the perfect mojito that you have been craving for!
  • Mandarin mojito also known as the tangerine mojito is one of the yummiest Latin cocktails you would lay your eyes on! To make the cocktail,  all you need is some fresh Mandarin juice, sugarcane juice, lime juice, some rum, sparkling water and mint leaves. Blend it well and enjoy the delicious concoction you just created.

These are some  really popular mojitos that can lighten up your mood and help you turn on your vacation mode. Coming up with different Mojito recipes is an art in itself. Even you can make your own Mojito recipes which after some modifications would taste exactly as you wanted it to.