The Best Websites for Online Spanish Courses

Learning a new language can be fun and also add value to your professional qualifications. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken and popular languages in the world. In fact, records show that this language has around 500 million speakers globally. If you are looking for online Spanish courses, here are the best websites to get you started.

  • Rosetta Stone
    Starting with the basics in the form of alphabets and numbers, Rosetta Stone takes learners through the nuances of the Spanish language to get you conversing like a pro. The lessons are concise so you can follow them in the middle of a busy day. In fact, you can complete a single lesson in around ten minutes. The website also puts a lot of focus on understanding the pronunciations of the language so you can converse with native speakers.

    Rosetta Stone also has an award-winning app for the mobile platform that aids in Spanish learning through auditory and visual cues. There is also a community of learners that you can connect with in order to practice your Spanish language skills. The Rosetta Stone app is compatible with Android and iOS. You can avail of a free trial period.

  • Busuu
    Busuu is one of the most popular platforms for learning a language. If you are seeking online Spanish courses, Busuu can help with over a hundred Spanish lessons. This website makes learning easy as it creates customized learning plans. Users can also keep track of their progress.

    The online Spanish courses on this website have grades ranging from a beginner stage, A1, to an intermediate stage, B2. For users who need certificates, Busuu offers the McGraw-Hill Education certification. There is even a special course that is useful for people seeking to learn the language only for travel purposes. Busuu has its own app that is compatible with Android and iOS.

  • Fluent in 3 months
    Founded by author and polyglot Benny Lewis, this website is one of the best resources for anyone seeking to learn Spanish online. This fabulous website brings together a wide array of online Spanish courses on a single platform. The best part is that Benny Lewis compiles a list of free resources for learning Spanish. He focuses on PDF material, video lessons, podcasts, and more for beginners and advanced learners.

    This website even links you to paid courses designed for anyone looking for something more. There are even links to resources for learners who want to learn Spanish terms for the field of medicine.