The best value TVs to suit your pocket

We all know that costly TVs do contain special additional features that only enhance the brand value and don’t serve any purpose when it comes to utility. You can buy a low price TV that cuts down on these features and provides everything that will make life entertaining. There are a plethora of brands that have rolled out their own best value TV for customers.

  • Sony
    Sony has established itself as one of the best manufacturers of high definition televisions all over the world. While the higher versions stand a class apart, the brand has only launched certain low price TVs that fit perfectly well in the budget of middle-income groups. The KKDL40R510C is one such moderately priced TV that has an LED screen of forty inches and screen definition as high as 1080 pixels that make you feel as if you are experiencing the situation in real life. This best value TV comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi and mirror imaging feature for easy access. If you purchase from any online site, you might grab a great deal on the listed price.
  • LG
    The 43UH6100 model that comes straight from the manufacturing facility of Lucky Goldstar, is one of the best value TVs in recent times. If you suffer from a strain in the eyes after watching a screen consistently for a long period of time, then you can rejoice since this television comes with an antiglare display that allows you to watch multiple movies back to back without causing harm to the eyes. You can also watch your favorite channel on YouTube or Netflix with the entire family by streaming it directly on this 43-inch television that enhances the resolution of up to four times as compared to a regular high definition television.
  • TCL
    This brand from China is known for its good cheap TVs that are characterized by the remarkable features offered at amazing prices. The 32S305 variant that is priced at $200 has given other competitors, operating in a similar price range, a run for their money. With some of the most exclusive features, it has proved to be the best value TV that has left customers all over the world delighted. It can be purchased in 32 inch, 40 inches, 43 inches and 49-inch variants to suit the dimensional requirements of the bedroom or living room.
  • Samsung
    This electronic giant introduced the UN40KU6300 that is synonymous with trust and reliability. The established brand name has helped Samsung in penetrating into the market of low price TVs with ease. With a price tag of $1537 approximately, this television is great for customers who wish to get all the luxurious features without paying a hefty price. The exclusive PurColor technology ensures that the contrast is balanced for better viewability.