The best email security solutions in 2018

Email security solutions secure the organization’s database and prevent malicious encrypted emails from destroying the server and the security. They generally follow this process by blocking inbound and outbound emails that have malicious content like spam, malware and phishing attack or any other malicious content that could violate the enterprise policies. Hence, most organizations prefer to have an email security gateway to stay safe from encrypted emails. Email security gateway software can be directly installed on the email servers, local server, public or private cloud. Email security gateways are a potential factor to secure corporate messages and networks. Listed below are the top email security gateway products which operate as the best services in the industry:

  • The Cisco Email Security Appliance is designed to detect and block a multitude of email-borne threats like phishing attempts, antivirus, antimalware and spam, to name a few. The Cisco Email Security Appliance is available for local hardware appliance deployments, cloud architecture, hybrid architectures and virtual appliance deployments. Cisco Email Security Virtual Appliance operates well on VMWare ESXi hypervisor. It works the best on three models: the M380 and the M170 for 1,000 users, the M380 for 10,000 users; and the M680 for more than 10,000 users.
  • Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway keeps a sharp eye on the monitors incoming and outgoing emails. The secure email gateway literally scrutinizes all malicious content and prevents it from reaching its target. Such processes significantly reduce the damage caused to the firm’s data, database, and security. Clearswift Secure Email Gateway can be used as a public cloud-based support, on-premises software, hardware appliance or virtual appliance operates on Microsoft Hyper V or VMware via private cloud server or traditional server.
  • Fortinet FortiMail email security services emails on behalf of the organization and ensures the identification of messages that hold malicious content, which include phishing attempts, antivirus, malware, anti-phishing and antispam the emails with malicious content and ensures that it won’t reach its recipient. It features total protection from preventing associated attacks. It is seen that majority threat occur through email, hence, email security gateway is vital to reduce the number of attacks that can occur.
  • Fortinet FortiMail has three deployment structures to support local hardware appliance, local virtual appliance, and public cloud-based. And for local hardware appliance, there are five prototypes which are called the FortiMail Email Security Appliances.

Email security solutions have immense benefits and are sure to boost the database security of any enterprise. Before purchasing email security solutions, try to evaluate the product and how well it works for the organization’s purpose.