The best data recovery services of 2018

Today, a lot of important information is stored on a computer. For home users, there could be many digital photos of family, friends, and memorable moments. There could also be other personal data or financial information. Business users could have a whole lot of important contact information, sales numbers, inventory records, and financial reports. This makes data recovery extremely important. One of the first priorities, however, before committing to a data recovery company is to ensure the quality of customer service and their involvement in the entire process. One needs to do a quick search about their reputation and authenticity, which will bring about a big relief to the party involved.

The fact of the matter is that no matter whom the computer belongs to, there is always identifiable information that, when stolen, could fall into the wrong hands. The only way to mitigate computer data loss is by getting it serviced by a professional recovery lab. Finding a trusted recover lab unit is difficult. As data are valuable and it needs a meditative process to restore/risk the files on the drive.

Here are three best hard drive recovery services in the country:

  • Secure Data Recovery  Services
    It is one of the most trustworthy data recovery services. It has a strict set of security protocols that include secure storage, data encryption, and comprehensive monitoring. Secure data recovery is the only data recovery agent with a third-party certified ISO 4 classification and 10 clean rooms.
    This company makes recovering the damaged hard drives stress free by providing excellent customer support, free evaluation, and comprehensive data recovery. It also includes DIY software for relevant recoveries. The sensitive files on the system are going to be super safe as the software has got brilliant technicians to operate it and have SSAE SOC 3 certification.
  • DriveSavers
    This company has been in operation since 1985 and their data recovery solution has been a global success for home and business users. The hard drive recovery service has not only been used by the public, but by celebrities such as Buzz Aldrin and Harrison Ford as well. They hardly market their brand as they more focused to serve their potential client impressively. They have an ISO 5 class system, 100 clean lab rooms with roughly 100,000 particles by cubic meter. DriveSavers provides a comprehensive data recovery solution and backs the data with much care and security, there is a strict security protocol perform in an ideal environment.