The 6 must have arts and crafts supplies

If you’re in a transitional phase of switching to a DIY Lifestyle, here are 6 must have arts and crafts supplies to be stashed in your home.

Scissors and glue
Found a one of a kind magazine photo, or want to cut off a part of a fabric, then scissors are your must have tool. You never know what you might want to add to the shoebox filled with an assortment of crazy materials. If you don’t find glue when you’re in a middle of putting together an artwork, it could prove to be a frustrating experience. So, make sure that you have one before starting a project. A little tip, always have an extra when it comes to these two.

Pencils and colors
Pencils are a crucial aspect of your planning and rough drafts, so make sure you keep these close. Colors on the other hand, are an essential portion of your execution, so make sure you have an assortment of crayons, markers and paints.

Having different kinds of papers like copy, origami, card, card stock, glossy or matte can always play as an advantage for certain kinds of projects. If you don’t have the right texture for your creation, it might not turn out the way it was supposed to be. So always have an abundance of papers according to the kind of craft you’re involved in.

Ribbons and threads
You want to make a wind chime or you want to bind that unruly scrapbook of yours, always have vibrant ribbons and threads. The best part about these materials is that you can find them at home easily. There is no need to bother your wallet so often, you can always reuse and create something exceptional.

Regular tape and Washi tape
You regular tape can help you fix a project if you run out of glue, so it’s indispensable tool. A Japanese Washi tape on the other hand, is any DIY project’s joy, because of its wonderful patterns and designs. It gives an impression of a regular tape but it is slightly different as it is made up of natural material.
Packaging a gift or embellishing a journal, Washi tape’s simplicity is enough to turn anything plain into something special.

Scrap Articles
An unused ornament, pieces of bright fabrics, old Polaroids, or cassettes from the 90s, anything, almost anything that strikes a chord with your creative tune can be used to incorporate in your DIY Projects. If you’re wondering how to assess a scrap material’s worth, research about ideas online involving them, if you find it valuable you can create something marvelous using it.