Teeth whitening and what you can expect

Do you want those pearly white teeth that will create an impression when you smile? Although tooth whitening seems to be the perfect solution, this is not just meant for everyone. You need to address all kinds of dental issues before you think about teeth whitening.

Kinds of Teeth Whitening
You can either can “in office based tooth whitening� done at the dentist or resort to home care techniques to get your teeth whitened. Both these options utilize bleaching agents that have a peroxide base.

In-office Tooth Whitening: This is the teeth whitening procedure that your dentist does for you. This technique of course provides faster results and more effective results too. However, this is an expensive affair.

Teeth Whitening Options at Home: You have at your disposal numerous teeth whitening options that can be performed within the comfort of your home. These include:

Tooth whitening gels and strips: These can be applied on to the teeth directly with the aid of a thin strip or brush. They need to be applied a couple of times daily for about two weeks continuously to get effective results, which remain for around 3-4 months.

Toothpastes with Tooth Whitening Properties: These toothpastes comprise polishing agents/chemicals that cleanse the teeth of stains without any need for bleaching agents. The Good news is that they are comparatively cheaper and make your teeth brighter by one shade.

Traybased bleaching systems of tooth: This is a tray similar to a mouth guard that is loaded with a bleaching paste or gel which has a peroxide base and is positioned on the teeth for many hours daily for up to a month. This system can be brought from any medical store or can also be ordered customized by a dentist.

Maintenance after Bleaching of Teeth
Once you get your teeth whitening procedure done, it is imperative that results are maintained by flossing, rinsing and brushing regularly. You need to steer clear of foods rich in tannin and acidic beverages like sports drinks, black coffee and tea, and red and white wine.

Teeth whitening is not recommended for people who have cavities and sensitive gums or teeth as this will prove extremely uncomfortable and cause unwanted dental issues. So, make sure that you have excellent dental health before setting out for a tooth whitening procedure.