Take your pick in the world of handbags

Handbags are one of the most sought after accessories by women. They are the perfect functional accessory for any outfit. Handbags are designed for specific purposes and the choice of the bag can make or break an outfit. It’s best to have a handful of different types of handbags that can add glamor to your ensemble.

Some women have an obsession for handbags. They buy almost every type of handbag and believe in the adage, a bag for each ensemble. Well, then your home would be brimming with handbags. Instead, it’s best to have in your handbag collection one each of the popular styles.

Here is a selection of popular handbags that are favored by women across the globe.

The shoulder strap bag: Many women like to carry the shoulder strap bag. With one or two straps going around the shoulders, these bags come in the large choice of shapes and sizes. A versatile bag, the shoulder strap bag goes well with semi-formal and casual clothes. If you’re wearing denim, you can pair it up with an oversized shoulder bag. Put how much ever you want into it; it will not grumble.

The satchel: For the formal look, the satchel works best. Slung across the shoulder, this type of bag is a hot favorite with students. Also referred to as postman bag, a leather satchel is the best bet for work and gives you a professional and smart look.

The hobo bag: This is a crescent-shaped bag with a long shoulder strap, made of soft fabric. You can accessorize this bag with long skirts and work on developing a boho chic look.

The clutch: Strictly teamed with formal wear, you can find clutches in velvet, satin, and silk with embellishments. This can be paired with gowns, dresses, and suits. This small bag can be carried in hand or tucked under the arm. The clutch endows a sleek and polished look to the outfit.

The baguette bag: A medium size bag, it resembles the baguette loaf in shape. It’s short, thin straps make it convenient to sling it over the shoulder or just under the armpit. This bag goes very well with a feminine top and classic jeans, perfect setting for your date.

The tote Bag: This is one handbag that will always remain in fashion. Large in size, you can carry whatever you need inside a tote bag. To add style to the tote bag, you can buy bags in textured leather with structured designs. A must accessory when you’re traveling.

The laptop tote: The new bag on the street is the laptop tote. It does away with the need to carry a separate handbag and laptop bag. Usually made of leather, there is a separate case to hold the laptop and multiple cases to hold other personal belongings.