Take advantage of the best value TVs in the market

Televisions come with different prices based on the features offered varying from as low as $200 to as high as $4000 and so on. While expensive TVs do provide a lot of jaw-dropping attributes, there are other low price TVs that are really good concerning the money that you pay. It is not necessary to spend the entire salary to get the best value TV; you can be wiser and buy a good cheap TV that boasts of some useful and impressive specifications.

  • TCL Roku
    This range of televisions starts at $650 approximately and is suitable for those who wish to have nothing less than a home theater. With a massive screen size of fifty five inches, it makes an entire wall look like a television. However, there are other smaller variants as well that are low price TVs coming at a price of $190 and so on. Equipped with three ports, this television can be used for multiple purposes and that too with the help of your smartphone.
  • Sceptre
    This brand has actually redefined the concept of a good cheap TV by launching the E246 that is priced at $130. Further, this price can be reduced to just $100 through Amazon’s deals and discounts offered from time to time. It features the old school DVD player that is a boon for those who don’t wish to discard their prized collection of vintage DVDs. The black metallic finish is stunning that allows you to place this best value TV in the drawing room as well.
  • Samsung Electronics
    If you are crazy about gaming, then you will love the Samsung UN55MU7000 that has been particularly designed and engineered to depict the night scenes with more clarity. It shows every single color and the minutest of aspects with greater detail facilitating better vision. An investment made in this best value TV will last for a very long time since it encompasses a variety of features that are already driving it ahead of the current generation.
  • Vizio
    ┬áThe E series as well as D series offered by the brand range from approximately $570 to $ 850 respectively. These televisions have been made for those who give top most priority to screen resolution and display. The E series is the cheaper version of the D series and can be purchased by those who wish to obtain the brand’s superior quality within a tight budget.
  • Insignia
    This is another brand that has made available a good cheap TV in the market at a price of $450. It can be listed as one of the best value TVs where you don’t need to pay a high amount for a 4K display.