How to tell original Stone Island jackets from a fake

Stone Island enthusiasts know exactly what to look for when purchasing iconic Stone Island jackets. This is important because there are poor quality replications available all over the USA. Therefore, it is important to look for the signs that help you differentiate the fakes from the original Stone Island jackets. So here is a complete detailed guide to help you choose genuine Stone Island jackets, so you can be assured of quality.

Rule #1: If It Appears Fake… It Is
You will have to be extremely cautious while choosing your Stone Island jacket, unless you buy from authorized stores. If you find that a seller has only 20 pieces in each size, and offering incredible discounts, then it is better to look for some other seller. Stone Island jackets are exclusive collections and are rarely on sale. The genuine jackets for sale are still expensive, and it pays to spend those extra dollars so that you don’t regret your decision. Also, make sure that the jackets are not second hand, which are cheaper. Use your instincts and get the best quality while purchasing the Stone Island jacket for sale.

Rule #2: When In Doubt, Ask Questions
A typical listing of a Stone Island jacket for sale comprises of details of the product, its styling option, size, and price. But how would you know if the product is a fake? Check the jacket thoroughly- particularly the washing label, the swing tags, the arm badge, the ART number and the country of origin.

Rule #3: Stone Island Jackets In Denim
You should note here that the characteristics of the Stone Island denim and the other range of clothes are completely different. You will never find a Stone Island denim with text printed on it. The denim swing tags are typically long and thin while the plain Stone Island tags are elongated and square in shape.

Rule #4: Check The Art Numbers, Washing Instructions, And The Country Of Origin
The art number on Stone Island jackets for sale may appear to be random letters and numbers. But in reality, these jumbles are the bearer of all the necessary information. They manifest the year and season during which the jackets were made, its brand, and other information. The initial two digits of the art number refer to the collection they belong to. Then the next two letters tell you about the brand, and the last one denotes the garment type.

With these few pieces of information, you will be able to get the finest Stone Island jacket for sale. Just find your perfect size and favorite color, and finally, find a reputable seller and buy a genuine Stone Island jacket.