Steps to sharpen the blades of a ride-on mower

No more mechanical pushes or heavy-duty exercises are now required to keep the garden immaculate and tidy. Sit back in the comfort of your chair, while the equipment effortlessly trims those long pieces of grass. All thanks to ride-on lawn mowers, keeping the garden neat and proper has never been easier. Riding lawn mowers that have been used by both, homeowners and experts since time immemorial, help you get rid of the labor involved in the tiresome task of grass cutting. This equipment reduces the possibility of errors and boosts productivity up to a great extent.

Acres of grassy land can be trimmed in no time using the all-new riding lawn mowers offered by some of the big brands in the industry such as John Deere, Toro, and Ariens. Equipped with the latest features such as automatic transmissions, cruise control, enhanced fuel efficiency and engines on the rear side, brands have been launching best of the best products in the market. Additional attachments can also be purchased to make the ride-on lawn mower more functional. These include lawn sweepers, aerators, dump carts and cultivators that ensure a great looking garden throughout the year. You can contact your local dealer to know about the available products as well as add-ons as per your need and requirement.

It is essential to keep the blades of the equipment sharp in order to have a well-kept garden. The following tips will guide you in fine-tuning those metal parts.

  • Tools required –Having the correct paraphernalia in hand before beginning anything is the first step to being successful. You will require a wrench, leather gloves, file and wooden block for this task.
  • Detach the wire of the spark plug – The first and the most important step is to remove the wire so that there is no chance left for the mower to start off on its own while you are still sharpening the blades.
  • Unfasten the blade – The wrench will play an important role here in removing the screws that attach the blade to the main body of the ride-on lawn mower. Affix a small piece of wood between the two parts to prevent the blade from turning.
  • Hone the blade – The file collected earlier will perform its function in this step. Place the blade at an angle of forty-five degrees and smoothen all rough edges. Wear leather gloves for extra protection and to prevent your hand from getting hurt.
  • Balance the part – Correct alignment of the blades will make the ride-on lawn mower work more efficiently. For this, position the center of the blade on a narrow bar and whirl it to know whether it is balanced.
  • Clean the blade holder – Any grass clippings or mud pieces should be wiped off from the socket where the blade is placed. Excessive accumulation restricts the proper functioning of the equipment.
  • Fit the blade back – Lastly, put the blade back in its initial position. Ensure that it has been rightly placed and tightly fixed. Loosely affixed blades can result in wear and tear and reduce the durability of the riding lawn mower.

The steps mentioned above can help in improving the productivity of blunt blades and make the riding lawn mower run for an extended period of time. A lawn with properly cut grass has lesser chances of being affected by diseases meaning your overall expenditure on maintenance of healthy grass is reduced. Lush green lawns enhance the aesthetic beauty of the house, particularly the patio and are capable of giving an expensive look. Therefore, ride on lawn mowers help you take charge of defining the feel of the garden.