Steps to be followed for replacing the windshield by yourself

A windshield is essential for any vehicle and the damage caused to the windshield should not be neglected as it can lead to dangerous situations such as accidents. When a windshield gets damaged due to accident or due to impact through an object, windshield has to be either replaced or repaired depending on the damage done to the windshield. If you are looking to buy one, you must check out some websites for the cheapest windshields before making a decision.

When a windshield is damaged, windshield replacement or windshield glass repair becomes essential. Some of the vehicle owners opt for replacing the windshield on their own. The state and federal laws may not agree for the replacement or repair of the windshield by the vehicle owners as any failure can lead to safety issues.

Now let us look at some of the options as to how to avoid the repair or replacement of windshield:

Most of the windshield damage is caused when an object such as a rock or pebbles on the roads strikes the windshield. When heavy vehicles such as trucks pass in front of the cars or vehicles, there is a danger that the pebbles or stones are picked up the trucks and thrown back which fall on the cars and other vehicles behind the truck. This situation can be avoided by keeping a distance  200 feet when driving behind huge vehicles.

When the damage to the windshield is done by huge vehicles such as trucks by throwing the rocks when moving forward, this has to be proved in order to get the compensation. Installing a camera can help in capturing the damage done to the windshield which can help in getting the compensation for the damaged windshield caused by the trucks and heavy vehicles.

The place where the vehicle is parked should be safe and should be away from trees, signboards, etc.

After taking the necessary precautions, the windshield can get damaged due to some reasons. When the vehicle owner decides to replace the windshield on their own, he/she should follow a procedure ti fit the windshield. Caution should be taken as the vehicle owner can break the windshield or can damage their hands when the windshields are broken.

Let us look at some of the steps for windshield replacement:

  • The first step is for you to find a dealer, through whom you can get your hands on the cheapest windshields. Next up, you remove the old windscreen which is not an easy task. The rubber or metal beading should be removed without damage. If the beading gets damaged, then it gets difficult to install it back. Care should be taken not to scratch the paint on the headboard while removing the beading. A windshield removal knife can be used to remove the glass.
  • The second step is to remove the window wiper arms which can be done by unbolting them.
  • The third step after cutting the glass and removing the trim would be to push the glass outside. Suction cups can be used to push the glass, or strong rubber gloves can be used in case the suction cups are not available.
  • Scrapers can be used to remove the glue and silicone in the area where windshield was removed. Alcohol-based thinners can be used to clean the scrapped area. But care should be taken that the paint on the headboard is not scrapped.

Polyurethane-based caulking can be used to fix the new windshield. Using a Urethane Windshield Adhesive is also a good idea to fix a new windshield. The beading of urethane can be applied using a caulking gun. The glass should be centered and fixed carefully. A duct tape can be sued to make the windshield fit properly. The newly fitted windshield should be left to fry for 4 to 6 hours.