Statement Pieces That Make For Jewelry-Box Essentials

Statement pieces that make for jewelry-box essentials

Every woman has a fetish for jewelry, and why wouldn’t she? After all, it brings out the best of one’s clothing wear. Jewelry does let you pull an outfit together by giving it a finishing touch. If you have ever forgotten to wear your earrings, you would understand the incomplete feeling that you go through after leaving home.

If you are looking to build a strong jewelry wardrobe, then you should get a good mix of different types of jewelry pieces that will complement your fashion style. When picking jewelry, you should pick pieces that stand out in terms of design and color. Here are few jewelry pieces that you should absolutely add to your wardrobe:

Statement/Cocktail rings: Rings have to make it to your sharp jewelry collection. These rings have three rings that are attached together and makes for the perfect accessory no matter what the occasion. It lets you find the perfect balance between delicate and bold. If you are looking to add some drama, you could slip on two or more of these ring sets onto different fingers. The cocktail ring also evokes the innate elegance of a woman. Also, consider buying stackable rings as they have been in trend for quite some time.

Hoop earrings: Hoop earrings are a staple jewelry essential for every woman. The simple yet captivating design can make absolutely any outfit stand out. Hoop earrings are available in various color, but nothing can beat the classic silver and gold metallic hoops. Now, there are several variations in these hoop earrings, and you can either stick to a simple pair or go for more elaborate and fancy ones.

Gold chain: A gold chain has made its way through every generation. Embellished or not, gold chains are preferably worn as a daily wear adornment. You can also go on to style gold chains in a layered and mismatched way if you wish to add a bohemian touch. No matter how you style your gold chain, it is one piece that will always make your attire look elegant.

Pearl earrings: This is yet another timeless classic that you can never go wrong with. Whether it is a pair of cherished pearl earrings gifted to you by your grandmother or one that you gifted yourself last Christmas, this pair of earrings is something that you can pair with casual or formal clothing. If you are looking to buy a new pair of earrings, you can also opt in for one that is a combination of pearls and diamonds as it gives the pair an even beautiful touch.

Charm bracelet: Most women wish to own a charm bracelet. With a significant idea behind them, charm bracelets allow you to create a personal trinket that signifies a special milestone in your life. Although the original design is one that is cumbersome and not suitable to be worn every day, there are a few brands that now offer the bracelet in a tweaked smaller design. Look for one in a meaningful design that will suit your requirements.

Metallic bangle: A metallic bangle is one of the easy-to-wear jewelry pieces that has made way to every woman’s jewelry box. Designed in gold or silver, it is one of the most beautiful pieces as its beauty lies in its simplicity. Today, there are bangles that are also available in the rose gold material and look even more stunning. Whether you pair it with your everyday look or with your ballroom gown, this piece of jewelry will always make the cut.

The above-mentioned jewelry pieces can be purchased online or through jewelry stores. So, which of the jewelry essentials do you plan on getting for yourself?