Some facts about chaise lounges you should know

You can find chaise lounges placed in different areas of many homes including outdoors and indoors. The versatility of this product is simply amazing. You can use outdoor chaise lounges near the pool-side during sunny weather and when the weather is bad, you can use them inside as well.

Chaise longue A brief history
The history of the chaise lounge can be traced back to the 16th century in France. It became highly popular in Europe and then was imported to the United States in the 1930s. In the US, the chaise lounge was primarily used as an indoor recliner or outdoor patio seat. With the evolution of the time, the popularity of this furniture piece has increased considerably and the modern versions are designed to be functional, beautiful, and versatile.

The fundamental design of outdoor chaise lounges
Generally speaking, a chaise lounge can be described as an elongated chair that resembles a couch except for two aspects. The first aspect is the back support portion of the lounge is slanting toward the back and this feature provides a reclined position; you can stretch your legs and relax as outdoor chaise lounges help you to do so. The second aspect is the armrests, and they can or cannot be present in the chaise lounge. You were expected to lie on your back while making use of outdoor chaise lounges.

Most popular materials utilized to make chaise lounges
Earlier, the lounge was manufactured with natural materials such as rattan and wood, and they were carved with trendy and stylish designs. Today, the modern versions are made using materials such as metal and plastic, but wood is still undoubtedly the most popular material because of its unparalleled versatility, durability, and beauty. Today, the most popular wood materials used to make chaise lounge furniture are teak and cedar. The weatherproof properties and amazing grain patterns of these woods are unbeatable.

Learn about the functional uses of outdoor chaise lounges
The most appealing factor about chaise lounge furniture is that it is highly adaptable to meet the needs of any outdoor and indoor space compared to outdoor benches. You can use them on the outdoor deck, poolside, porch, living room, dining room, and bedroom. Removable cushions can always be linked with the most modern lounges.

You can come across chaise lounges in different styles. One-arm chaise lounges come with one supporting arm and offer a relaxed and sophisticated appearance. Armless lounges are designed to meet the natural body shape and that is why you cannot find any arms. When it comes to daybeds, they are designed to offer an upright sitting in place of a reclining position. The design of this model is not as friendly as other versions available in the market.