Smart tips to get discounts on your favorite products

Online shopping coupons and promo links are like using paper coupons that you use at your local retail store to get a product at discounted rates. Just like you hand the paper coupons to the cashier once you are done purchasing, you are required to redeem the promo codes or digital coupons once you make a final purchase through a shopping website. But, how do you make sure you are getting the best deal on a product? The following article offers tips and tricks that will help you buy your favorite goods and products at lucrative prices.

Beware of the dynamic pricing trap- This is a strategy used by online retailers that offer different prices to different customers. Online retailers observe the demand of the product and set the product price based on the browsing and spending pattern of their customers. The best way to avoid paying more for a product online is to erase browser cookies and log out from your shopping account once you are done purchasing.

Leave your favorite items in the cart- This has worked for many customers; once you are done selecting your favorite items, add to your cart but don’t make the purchase. You might get an email notification of a price drop on the items in your cart. Some websites might offer you promo codes or shopping coupons to draw you back to the website and complete the purchase. Some online stores that offer coupons for the unpurchased items in your cart include JC Penny, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s etc.

Search for coupon websites– The Internet has a plethora of shopping websites competing to give their customers the best deals on the products. As a result, there are a huge number of online coupon aggregators that have shopping coupons and promo codes offered by various retailers. These come in handy when the “abandoned cart” (from the previous tip) does not work. Some popular coupon aggregators include,,,,,, and

Signup for newsletters- This is one of the best ways to get shopping coupons from an online retail store. Signing up for email alerts and newsletters will help you get amazing discounts on your favorite products. Some of these coupons are single-use only. So, you can make multiple email accounts and get multiple coupons that you can redeem for your favorite items. The newsletters also send you notifications if there is an online clearance sale taking place.