Sleep snuggly with these top 5 mattresses of 2018

Buying a new mattress or replacing an old one can be an overwhelming proposition. This is because there are several brands to choose from. The task of choosing the best mattress is personal, as one person’s luxury is another person’s backache waiting to happen.

Before we go ahead to find the top 5 mattresses of 2018, here are a few factors that make a mattress top in its class.

Mattress support
The first thing you need to note is the support quality of the mattress. If you like your bed with a bounce, then innerspring mattresses should be your preference. Innerspring mattresses have a layer of either fiberfill or a foam outer layer covered with a thick quilting. People who prefer an extra firm base should go for memory foam mattresses equipped with fewer springs. Apart from these, the other two main types of mattresses are latex and air-filled mattresses.

Sleeping style
Beyond the type of mattresses, you also need to consider your sleeping style and body type. If you tend to sleep on your side, you would want a mattress that offers a lot of pressure relief and is able to disperse your body weight. Cushy memory foam mattresses should be your pick in such cases. If you sleep on your back, you would want something that provides your spine with healthy alignment. You may consider a dense innerspring, air-filled or latex mattress.

The lifespan of the mattress
The lifespan of the mattress depends on the quality of the material. The best mattresses are good for at least eight to ten years. It also depends on the wear and tear of the user. The air-filled mattress has the least lifespan, while latex mattresses last longer.

Earlier, the top-quality mattresses were over $2500. Thanks to the evolution of mattresses types and multiple brands in the market, you can now get a decent mattress between $500 and $1200 approximately.

Based on the above-mentioned factors, here are the top 5 mattresses of 2018 shortlisted exclusively for you.

Nectar Sleep
The brand is known for their gel memory foam mattresses which offers a cooling system with a combination of gel memory foam and Tencel-infused cover. The 12-inch thickness of the mattress makes it suitable for back and stomach sleepers. Apart from being reasonably priced, what makes them one of the top 5 mattresses of 2018 is their 365-nights trail period and lifetime warranty.

This is a mattress brand for affordable yet luxury hybrid mattresses. The mattress features 15-inch of foam with supportive coils. Its 8-layer construction offers a supportive base layer for all sleeping styles and body size, thereby assuring a snuggly sleep. It offers one-year free trial period and a lifetime warranty.

IDLE Sleep
The mattress comes with more than one models. It offers 14-inch double-sided luxury mattresses. The buoyancy foam offers pressure relief and optimum body support, and the fast response foam offers proper alignment, which is good for people suffering from back pain. What makes this mattress to the list of top 5 mattresses of 2018 is its four-month free trial period and a lifetime warranty. They also offer periodic discounts on their products. Visit their website to know more about these offers.

The mattress is one of the top mattresses of 2018 as it is best for people suffering from back pain. It offers air foam mattresses with a combination of bouncy latex foam and a responsive memory foam. This provides comfort and support while cradling the body at the same time. Ideal for side and back sleepers, Nolah offers four months of the free trial period and 15 years of warranty.

The mattress brand is known for their 11-inch copper foam mattresses. They combine bouncy latex foam and responsive memory foam, which makes it the best for side sleepers. Its THERMOgel technology adapts to the body heat, maintaining a cool temperature for a comfortable sleep. It offers four-month free trial period with a lifetime warranty.