Simply sweet, sinfully deceptive! Make desserts in minutes

Deserts are the perfect conclusion to a wonderful family dinner. Ingredients can be as simple as a couple of bananas dipped in chocolate to complicated soufflés and parfaits. Some of the names are hard enough to spell out, so you can only imagine how difficult it must be to prepare! With creative use of local ingredients and fresh fruits, here are a few ideas for some quick and easy desserts which can be made in a matter of minutes.

Simple fudge: Chocolate, condensed milk and a couple of toppings of your choice. Probably the simplest of all desserts to make, just mix everything together and let it set in the fridge.

Peanut butter fudge: Who doesn’t love peanut butter? Nothing can replace the classic P&B jelly sandwiches which packs all our school lunch boxes on any given day. But instead of using condensed milk, just mix peanut butter with the toppings of your choice to be served chilled. The salty creamy texture of peanut butter mixes well to cut through all that heavy sweetness.

White chocolate Oreo fudge: Bored of dark chocolate fudge? Just swap it with beautiful white chocolate mixed with a couple of crushed Oreos. The preparation method is just as easy as your regular fudge with a selection of toppings of your choice.

Crepes: Not as fancy as it sounds and deceptively simple to make and serve, even for a dessert. Just substitute the filling inside with some chocolate ganache filling with fruits and berries or even Nutella, because well everybody likes Nutella!

Chocolate covered pops: Melt some chocolate in a bowl, add a little bit of spice to it if you want and just dip any fruit or berry you like to make delicious chocolate covered pops. Simple fruits like bananas, apples, different berries and even bacon wraps can be dipped in melted chocolate to be served chilled on a stick just like a Popsicle.

Baked custard: Simple to make with just milk, a couple of eggs, some vanilla extract and spice to top it all off. Custards have a jelly like texture, but just melt in your mouth with that spoonful. Plop it in the oven or microwave to be served later, a perfect conclusion to any three-course meal.

Many other easy to make dessert recipes which just feature three to five ingredients can be found online, with step by step instructions on preparation and serving methods. Experiment with substitute ingredients to make some of these recipes gluten free also.