Simple nail art designs to spice up your look

Staying fashionable and well-groomed is not an indulgence for women anymore. It boosts their self-confidence, feel-good factor and helps them to take on the world with style! This also offers some precious “me time� and makes a lady feel special. Today, apart from regular manicures and pedicures, one can also get nail art done as per the outfit as well as the occasion, to make a unique fashion statement like never before.

While there are many elaborate nail art designs that you can indulge in for specific and special occasions, there are simple nail art designs that can be rendered quickly and easily so that you look awesome every day. So take a look at these simple nail art designs that you can try at home.

• Loofah look: Tighten a loofah layer over your painted nail and dab on a contrasting shade which will form a scaly pattern. This will give your nails a cool look and texture with minimum effort. Gloss over at the end.

• Dotted: Use a bobby pin dipped in nail paint to make dots on your nails. But before you do that, you need to remember to paint your nails in a color that will stand out. For example, you can paint your nails golden and apply black dots. Also, if you want to make it look more interesting, you can easily keep one of the fingernails black with golden dots. This will give it a chic look when you splay open your palm.

• Polka dots on the edge: You can take the dots and create a whole new look as well. To start with, paint your nails white. Then, using the same bobby pins, dip into various colors of nail paint and apply even dots only to the edge of the nail. Use a different color for each nail. Let this dry before you stick on a glossy layer for a sleek yet playful look.

• Diagonal beauty: You can stick a tape diagonally across your nail and paint one-half in a certain color and the other half in a different color. This will give it an extremely edgy and structured look. Also, you can use black and white on all the nails, diagonally. But paint one of the nails in a single color like pink or lime green. This will add an interesting pop of vibrancy.

• The stone effect: For this look, you will first need to paint your nails turquoise blue or shocking pink. Then, you can apply some paint on a piece of cling wrap. For the blue nails, you can use gold, and for the pink nails, you can use silver. Scrunch up this piece of cling wrap between your nails for an abstract, stone or parchment-like effect.

• Sponge gradient: For this, all you need to do is color your nails in a nude shade. Then apply a glossy layer and before it dries up, you can dab a sponge on each nail for a natural texture to emerge. If you want, you can also put some paint on the sponge and dab it on the nail. Our favorite experiment is with white on nude!