Should you use a face wash or face cleanser

Facial cleansers are gentle when compared to soap which can remove the natural oils and dry the skin. A facial cleanser is essential for removing dead skin cells, makeup, dirt, oils and other pollutants on the skin. Using facial cleansers would also be an excellent option for removing sebum, dirt, unclogging pores and much more along with above. The best facial cleansers help to prevent skin conditions such as acne. Daily washing your face removes the impurities giving a fresh look on the skin. However, when you do not wash the skin, it will be covered with a layer of dirt which reduces its natural glow.

Choosing the best facial cleanser is important as it could help to achieve radiant and glowing skin. Washing the face or the use of the best facial cleansers not only makes you feel refreshed but is also useful for removing makeup, dirt, and excess oil.

The Difference between a Face Wash and a cleanser:

Both face-wash and cleanser do the same job of cleansing the face. The face wash is a foam base cleaning agent that needs to be washed off whereas the cleanser also called cleansing milk or cleansing lotion are non-foaming that does not need to be washed off. The best facial cleansers need to be wiped off as they contain non-foaming ingredients. On the other hand, face wash needs to be washed with water as it is foamed based.

When Face Wash And Cleanser Can Be Used?

A face wash can be used in the morning or the evening for washing your face. After traveling to or from the office, you could consider using the best facial cleansers for removing the dirt, debris, bacteria or virus from the skin. It is recommended to wash your face minimum two to three times a day. A cleansing lotion can also be used at night before going to sleep to ensure that your face is free from dirt or impurities.

Can a Cleansing Lotion be Used When You Do Not Wear Makeup?

A facial cleansing lotion is recommended when you are exposed to pollution. The use of the best facial cleansers is recommended when using make-up, as in addition to the gentle cleansing that they provide they can also be used to moisturize the skin of the face. Facial cleansers are suited for both sensitive and dry skin. When you have a combination skin type or oily skin, and dry skin caused due to weather conditions, then you could skip using the facial cleanser and only use a face wash.

Which Is Best To Use?

Face washes and cleansers can be used together in a skincare routine but here are some tips that can help you get the most out of these products:

When you have dry skin, the best facial cleansers can be used for keeping the skin feel smooth and soft. They not only clean the skin but moisturize the skin as well.

You can use the best facial cleanser depending on your routine and skin type. If you spend a lot of time traveling, then the using a cleanser frequently is recommended. This would help in removing the dirt and debris on your face which is more important to keep skin disorders at bay. If you do not venture into traffic very often, then you could use a cleanser once a week.

A face wash is recommended for those with oily skin. This will not to reduce the oiliness of the skin and provide it with the nourishment it needs. A face wash can be used daily for washing and cleanse the skin.