Shaving vs waxing vs hair removal creams – Which is the best

Keeping our bodies hairless isn’t always as easy as the commercials show. All hair removal methods, whether it’s waxing, shaving, or hair removal creams can have potential issues like nicks, bumps, ingrown hair, and general discomfort.

You can find various options at your nearest drug store for removal of body hair, starting from razors, epilators, waxes, and creams; but it will also greatly depend on your choice, affordability, pain tolerance capacity and skin sensitivity. You may have to choose different products for different areas of your body, like many women specifically chose bikini line hair removal creams for bikini line hair removal as it is the most painless.

Take a look at the different methods and decide what will suit you best to get a smooth hair-free body!

Shaving – Shortest time consumer ever:

Shaving is the fastest and most economical hair removal process and is also recommended by many for bikini line hair removal. The only things you need to be careful about is that your razor is sharp enough and that you are using a transparent and cooling shaving gel so that you can see what exactly you are doing.

It is always advised to take a shower before you start shaving so that your hair follicles are softened, which will ensure a closer shave. Many women also prefer to use hair conditioner for softening the hair before shaving. You should always shave in the direction of your hair growth to prevent irritating the skin and razor bumps.

Hair regrowth is rapid after shaving as the hair is only cut off on the surface and if you wish to flaunt a smooth skin, you might need to shave every day. This method is best suggested for those emergency situations where you do not have the time for anything else.

Some of the best available razors are Gillette Venus Embrace Razor or the Schick Hydro Silk Razor.

Waxing – The ouch affair

Many have quit after trying this method, but the results are always better and long-lasting, until almost three weeks! At-home waxing kits are easy to use and quite economical as well. Salon services for waxing are the most common but can be expensive for many.

The process involves the application of hot wax to the desired area and removing the strip by pulling it in the opposite direction of hair growth. To ensure best results, your hair should be at least a quarter-inch long so that the coarse hair can easily be removed from the roots. Waxing is generally suggested for coarse and dark hair.

Also, waxing is painful as the hair is ripped out from the roots. Applying a cold compress of ice over the waxed area helps numb out the pain.

Depilatory creams – Completely pain-free

Hair removal creams are the miracle that has been granted to women. They are painless, easy and economical options. It is suggested that you apply the cream in the shower and wash it off or wipe away the hair with a tissue.

Please note that these are purely chemical-based and will require to be applied in a thick layer and removed only after the full course of recommended time to get perfect results. Women with sensitive skin should always do a patch test. It is also great for bikini line hair removal, facial hair, and underarms. Your nearest drug store can provide you great options for bikini line hair removal creams like Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream, Nair Sensitive Bikini Cream, and Surgi-cream Hair Removal Cream for Bikini and Legs.

Overall, waxing wins this battle of hair removers as it gives the most long-lasting results and is friendlier to your skin.