The features and types of Shark vacuums

Shark has captured a significant market share in the vacuum cleaner segment with their unwavering commitment to quality and durability. Their products are in line with the latest technology and the current trends in design. Shark manufactures a range of cleaners to meet individual needs and specifications. Here, we talk about the features you should be looking for in a Shark vacuum.

How to choose the best Shark vacuum
You need to consider certain factors before buying any Shark vacuum cleaner. Here are a few suggested pointers for you.

  • Suction power: This is the most important specification to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner. Some models mention the suction power in terms of sealed suction or water lift, while others specify it as air watts recorded in cubic feet per minute. The measure itself is not relevant. What you need to consider is how models perform in comparison to each other.
  • Dust canisters or bags: Shark vacuums usually feature a canister for storage of dust. It is easy to empty them out and also to replace them. You should consider the mechanism by which they can be emptied out. The bottom-release designs are a particular favorite with customers due to the ease of use. The size of the canister assumes importance because you wouldn’t want to empty it out every few minutes. 1.3 quarts is ideal for a regular apartment, but if you have a larger home, you should go for a bigger size.
  • Weight: This is important considering the fact that you need to carry the vacuum around the house, more so if you have a multistory apartment. Anywhere between 10-15 pounds is a comfortable weight.
  • Steering: Most models of Shark vacuums can be easily maneuvered and steered for an effective cleanup. However, you must consider the design and layout of your house and your cleaning needs before settling on a particular model.
  • Attachments: The best part about Shark vacuums is that they usually include a number of useful attachments that can meet most of your cleaning need. Nonetheless, it is better to compare the available attachments with your requirements to avoid disappointment at a later stage.

Types of Shark vacuums
There are three basic models available with Shark vacuums.

  • Navigator: This is the basic model. Shark Navigators are lightweight and can be easy to maneuver around furniture. They have a reasonably efficient performance.
  • Rotator: Rotator vacuum models are a step above the basic. Armed with an efficiently designed motor, they provide higher suction power. Additionally, they feature a swivel steering for a convenient vacuuming experience.
  • Rocket: Sleek and efficient, this model features a motor unit near the handle.

Why Shark vacuum is an ideal choice
There are a number of vacuum brands available in the market. For a returning customer, the choice is clearer. They have their reasons for preferring Shark over other brands. But for a new buyer, we must tell you that there a few things, which set apart a Shark vacuum from the other models. They offer a truckload of features at reasonable prices. Plus, their ergonomic designs and efficient motors win hands down over other brands.