Seven things to consider before buying bottom freezer refrigerators

Bottom freezer refrigerators are a pretty popular these days. There are several advantages of using this kind of refrigerator as well. However, in order to enjoy all the benefits of this particular appliance, you must buy the most appropriate one for your household. The following points should be considered while buying bottom freezer refrigerators.

  • Size
    The perfect refrigerator for your house would be the one which is of the ideal size as per the number of people in your family. Thus, big is not always better. It is essential to pick a bottom freezer fridge which is of appropriate size. A full refrigerator is way more energy-efficient in comparison to an empty one. For instance, an 8-10 cubic foot is sufficient for a family of two or a small apartment. For every additional person, it can go up to 1.5 cubic feet.
  • Accessibility
    Since it is bottom freezer refrigerator, look how user-friendly its design is. For instance, just check if you will face inconvenience while reaching to the food items on the lower shelves. A bottom fridge’s primary purpose is to be accessible. So ensure that the model you want to buy doesn’t fall short regarding this particular feature.
  • Finish, style, and design
    The style and finish have to be considered not just while buying furniture but bottom freezer refrigerators and other appliances as well. You no longer have to choose from white, black, blue and red as far as color is considered. Apart from basic colors, refrigerators are now available in a range of colors. Therefore, you can choose a color that goes well with the decor of your kitchen.
  • Price
    The best thing about bottom freezer refrigerators is that they are available in different price range to suit everybody’s budget. There is a basic model which can be bought for a very reasonable cost, and there are high-end and more stylish built-in models which are priced at a higher amount. However, the price can be justified since there are several additional features on offer.
  • Warranty
    Most bottom freezer refrigerators come with one to two years of warranty. It is worth looking for an extended warranty. There are extended warranties available for as long as five years as well.
  • Energy guide
    The manufacturers need to put the yellow Energy Guide label on every appliance including bottom freezer refrigerators. This guide lets you calculate the cost of operating the appliance annually. A fridge can last up to 12 years. Keep this in mind while estimating the annual costs and compare the same with other units of the same type. The difference in the total cost of different variants will give you a clearer picture. So you can easily choose the one which is more energy efficient.
  • Measure your space
    You may want to bring home a big refrigerator but before doing that measure space in the room where it would be kept. Do not pick a bottom freezer fridge that would not fit into space in your house. It would be a sheer waste of money. Moreover, you would find it challenging to work around a mammoth-sized cooling appliance in your apartment.